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    sorry for posting this again, but someone else’s question got answered. i purchased my domain name through godaddy, and recently paid to certify my domain name with them. they gave me an html code to put on my site, and i tried it in a text widget, image widget, and on a page within a post and nothing seems to work. it was probably a waste of money, but is there a trick to this? thanks. AC

    The blog I need help with is



    Did they say to upload the html code with ftp? If so you are in trouble as there is no ftp access to WordPress.COM blogs. The little html code verification I have seen require the code to be placed in the root directory of the site, which is something you can’t do here.

    You could try the webmaster verification area and try pasting the html code in maybe the Google box and see what happens if the Google box is empty (you are not using it to verify your site with Google)



    Exactly what is the html code you want to use? Certain types of code are not permitted on WordPress.COM.

    Permitted Code:

    Is Godaddy trying to look at your site or is this some sort of badge for your site?

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