goddamn it give me a phone number

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    Blog url: http://womansadventure.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is womansadventure.wordpress.com.


    give me a phone number to actually contact support



    There is no phone support here and demanding it by using obscene language like a child just moved you onto my do not help it list.


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    This is the place to get support for using the WordPress.com platform.

    If we volunteers are not able to help, then staff will assist you here in these forums. Most support comes from us volunteers and we can certainly understand that when folks get frustrated they may not present their best side, but we do want to keep the discussions friendly and to the point. Cursing is not pleasant for anyone.

    I see that you posted only a short time ago, so I will close this unproductive thread and ask that you return to the original topic you started.

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