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    How do I get my wordpress blog to appear when I type my name in the google search engine?

    The blog I need help with is suzannespencer.wordpress.com.



    How old is your blog?

    You should register for Google Webmaster tools and then submit a sitemap to Google.

    It can take a while for Google to index your page, submitting your sitemap usually gives it a bit of a kick up the backside.


    Thank you for your reply, I’m a bit of a techno phobic I’m afraid. I only started my blog this week. Can you explain in layman’s terms what I need to do as per your advice above
    Thanks again



    Basically, Google have spiders which crawl the internet and index any new pages (add it to Google). If they don’t know where to look then they won’t be able to find your website.

    To point it in the right direction you need to register here:


    To authorise your wordpress website with Webmaster tools you can follow this guide on setting it up:


    Once your website appears in Webmaster tools you should submit a site index. Find the Site index sub-page on Webmaster tools and it will ask you for the address of your Sitemap. It should be http://www.yourwebaddress.com/sitemap.xlm

    Hope that helps.



    It takes 4 to 6 weeks for search engines to index a new site AND that is if there is something to index. You don’t really have much on your blog for a search engine to grab onto – you need to write (blog) more – see also the site below for tips on better blogging



    Thank you both for the information and advice
    Much appreciated
    I’ll have a go

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