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    I have a complicated question and I’m going to try my best to explain it cuz I need answers:
    – I started a blog in wordpress.com called lustrass.wordpress.com
    – I found out it’s cheap to map a domain through WordPress to I upgraded to lustrass.com
    – I studided wordpress and found out how cool the plugins were, so I decided to self host my blog:
    – I downloaded wordpress.org on my local machine
    – Went to my old wordpress.com site and using tools I was able to export the content of my old blog, to the newly hosted one.
    Question: Since I don’t want to lose lustrass.com which is hosted on wordpress.com, how do I transfer my wodpress.org hosted on my pc to the other blog?

    The blog I need help with is lustrass.com.


    Well, first off, lustrass.com IS lustrass.wordpress.com with the domain mapping. When you get your account at the new web hosting company set up, you will go into your domain management here and point the nameservers at the new web host. They will give you the DNS information. It will take about 24-72 hours for the DNS change to propagate through all the nameservers on the internet although typically it happens in 24 or less. Once you point the nameservers at the new host and disable the domain mapping here, your existing blog here will revert back to lustrass.wordpress.com and will still be intact.

    After the domain has stabilized, you can install wordpress at the web host and then transfer your stuff over to the new blog.

    One note on themes and plugins: KNOW your source. There is a growing number of places that are taking standard themes and plugins and inserting malware and virus’s into them.

    Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware.

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