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Going from Typepad to WordPress - help, please

  1. Hello,

    Can anyone help me move my typepad blog to wordpress either with guiding information or,
    can anyone recommend a techie who can do it for me? Or perhaps you could recommend a techie who could talk me through it?

    I'd appreciate any help and direction you can offer.


    joanna at poppink dot com

  2. It's not a good idea to post your email address in forums. Spammers will grab it instantly.

    Also, always do a search of the forum and FAQ to see if your question has already been asked and answered. Here's what I got when I put "typepad" in the search box:

  3. Dear Raincoaster,

    Thank you.

    Is there a way I can remove my e-mail address?

    I checked out the url you sent. It helped some.

  4. I edited the email address, like this at least spambots won't be able to read it.
    The relevant faq is:
    If you fo to "manage" > "import" in your dashboard you'll find a link called "Movable Type and Typepad". Give it a try!

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