Going Insane trying to integrate wordpress into 1and1 hosted domain

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    Hello Any WordPress Experts Out There?!?! My site is http://www.greencheeze.com, hosted by 1and1. I used their web builder tool to create my site because I thought it would be easier and faster than teaching myself dreamweaver but I think I was wrong because their formatting is a ridiculous pain in my a$$!!! I don’t know if that makes it harder to integrate my blog into my site but I read and tried over and over to follow the directions by wordpress, the directions by 1and1, watched youtube tutorials that are supposed to be specific for 1and1 and I was on the phone for an hour with a not so good technical support person from 1and1 and no luck. I keep finding contradictions between the difference sources. The wordpress files are downloaded and extracted. I have the wp-config.php all ready to go, I think I have all the configurations correct. I downloaded filezilla and got the server and port info from the tech support lady at 1and1 and it couldn’t connect. So I have been unable to upload the files plus I am so confused at the whole process. It would be easier to get help verbally over the phone if possible or if you’re local in the San Francisco Bay Area, that would be even better. Unless you can reply back here step by step with the perfect instructions? I am a bright person so I don’t know why this has to be so difficult, I blame it on 1and1, I am really starting to hate them. = ( I don’t know if I am allowed to type my contact info here, so if they bleep it out you can find it on my blog at: [bleeped out – Mark]

    The blog I need help with is greencheeze.wordpress.com.


    My suggestion is to ask over at wordpress.ORG since that is where the version of wordpress you will be using is supported. We here basically only know about using the wordpress.COM hosting service, and know little about setting up the software you are using.




    Oh! Thank you, I did not know there were separate forums.


    You’re welcome.

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