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Gone for a few days

  1. Greets:

    Just a quick note to mention that since I'm still having issues with the power brick on the laptop and because the libraries are closed for the thanksgivin holiday, i will be gone for a few days.

    For those here in the US, please don't eat too much turkey.

    For those outside of the US, please don't complain about us Americans eating too much turkey. :)


  2. We'll miss ya :)

  3. Have a Happy Thanksgiving drmike!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all of us.

    We are having turkey and ham.

    Eating too much turkey will not be a problem but this will:

  5. Save me some stuffing!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you although I am not sure what it means. What I know of it is what I see in Hollywood movies. It's a day when family gets together. It's a time when one shouldn't be alone. I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving.

  7. Happy thanksgiving to all you guys and girls in the US. Enjoy the time off! :D

    I wish we had thanksgiving. :(

  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  9. I'll echo that. Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland! I'll be trying some of those chicken recipes (not keen on turkey!)

  11. Greets:

    I'm back if you haven't guessed. Spent thanksgiving working at one of the homeless shelters here in town...

    ...with about two dozen of the Carolina Panther cheerleaders. I'm sure TT will make comments about that. :)

    Currently doing my six weeks every year ringing a bell with the local Salvation Army to raise funds so please bare with me. I'll probably be here most mornings. Once the powerbrick comes in (It's still being listed as backordered), I'll hope to have some evening time as well.


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