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Good Christian Blogs

  1. Hey everyone :D.
    Im posting this for a few reasons. Im looking for some more traffic for my sites(which are christian) ,and thought this was a good place for people to see them, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get more views.

    Heres the links for my sites

    And my other reason was, does anyone know of good christian blogs, that are uplifting and fun. Ive seen a few christian blogs that were upbeat and attractive, and some that were dull, and boring. I try to make my sites fun and nice looking, as to attract more people to them. So feel free to check out my sites and let me know if yall know of any good christian blogs. Thanks guys and God Bless!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried searching the global tag pages?
    Have you tried Google search?

    See also > in house blog promotion

  3. You can check out my site. I'm a Christian and steer clear from things that don't glorify God. It's also (according to some) positive and uplifting. So, yeah, I'd appreciate it! :D

  4. Not at all religious myself, but personally I find to be an insightful christian blogger and well worth a read.

  5. lissachildofgod

    If you don't mind I would love some feed back I am a new blogger and would love some traffic to my page as well. i hope to use my blog to get conversation started about Christianity. I know that the bible can be intrepreted many different ways to people.
    I also love to take photos so there will be some of those on there as well :)

  6. lissachildofgod

    aww and because I am so new to this I will prob not find this thread again so email me at [email redacted] or just leave a message or comment on my page, and if anyone would like to be my blogger mentor lol that would help :)

  7. @lissachildofgod
    1. If you click the "Member" link under your username here in the forums you will be able to locate every thread you have started and commented on.

    2. If you click the "Add this topic to your favorites (?)" link then you will also be able to locate it along with all your favorite threads.

    3. If you click the orange colored RSS feed link in the right hand sidebar of any of these forum threads like this one > you can subscribe to the topic.

  8. feel free to look me up

  9. I did, really good site. :)

  10. check out

  11. Mine is

    I have a blogroll, 'Fruits', which lists some good Christian blogs... some on WordPress. I may have more if you email me. =)

  12. You can read mine :)
    I just started blogging and must my posts do incorporate my Christianity :)

  13. I did. Cool blog. Im happy to see an upbeat blog that incorporates not only christianity, but also has some awesome music on it :D

  14. JM, do you post your articles to stumble upon? I had started a month or two ago and get a good amount of traffic. Just be sure to use the tags they do. Christianity, Atheism, etc, dont get too nuanced and people will find it.

  15. Ahh, nice. Thanks for the advice. Ill be sure to do that.

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