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"Good Morning"

  1. I know this may sound a little cheesy, but it would be really nice if there were a way to automatically have a "Good Morning"/"Good Afternoon"/"Good Evening" message near the top of my blog. Or, failing that, a clock showing the current time in my time zone. Any ideas how I might achieve this? Thanks!

  2. If you choose to have a self hosted site then you probably could achieve this bit
    here on that optoin will be a no go...


  3. You can probably find a clock widget that works. As for the message, I doubt it; it's theoretically possible, but you'd have to program it yourself. And of course it would reflect YOUR time, not the time of your readers.

    This thread has some suggestions:

  4. Why not do a static banner across the top of your page that alternates greetings and languages? For example:

    BonjourGoodAfternoonGutenTagBonsoirBuenosDiasBuonPomeriggioGoodEvening etc.

    You could use colors that complement your page and alternate them. Just a thought....

  5. Hmmm... Strange. Don't have a clue what I did that produced the weirdness with my post.

  6. You made one very long word with no spaces.

  7. You can do this sort of thing using CSS and the Sandbox theme. Sandbox adds special classes to the body tag based on the date and time of day.

    The Diurnal theme for Sandbox uses this to change the header image to a night or day scene, for example:

    It's easy enough to use if you're familiar with CSS, but probably not a solution that's suitable for beginners.

    I think K2 and some of its derivatives offer a similar mechanism but I'm not familiar with them.

  8. Dang! I'll try and avoid that in the future. Thanks, raincoaster.

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