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Good Venues for Exposure?

  1. I'm looking for websites where I can gear readers towards my blog. I'm still raw at building up readership. Any suggestions and advice would be great

  2. There are some great suggestions on other threads - have a look. Timethief, Raincoaster and Dr. Mike normally have some excellent advice.
    This one is good - and just down the page:

  3. IMO it's always really important to read the "details"

    What is this?
    The List is a way of getting new people to find your website. You pay for your position on The List – with larger amounts putting you higher on The List.
    In your List entry you can write about yourself or the site that you are linking to, upload a pic, and add the all-important link to your site. It's a simple system, but effective. Those who are higher up on The List get more hits to their link than those further down – so you get what you pay for!

    As for me, I don't buy links or hits so I'm in Google's good books. And I don't have any sponsored links so I'm also in's good books.

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