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  1. Desspite following the wordpress instructions re goodreads' author id, The widget still doesn't show my shelf - any ideas?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just to be clear did you use this guide?

    Note for GoodReads Authors: Your author ID may not match your user id. If you enter the id as retrieved above and it doesn’t display your bookshelf, you’ll need to fetch your ID from your public author page. You may need to log out of GoodReads first (or have a friend help you). Visit your author page, and then hover over or click the “add as a friend” or “send message” link on the left under your author photo.

  3. I did it every steps but it did not work. goodreads
    widget still doesn't show my books :(

  4. The widget states "no books in this shelf yet". If you do have books on your shelf at goodreads then have you checked goodreads "help" or contacted goodreads support to see if there are known issues at that end?

  5. There's no problems at goodreads. The books are showing on the shelf. But the author id accessed as instructed by wordpress doesn't work...?

  6. I'm sorry that's happening to you and you cannot find out what to do by using the support documentation I'll flag this thread for Staff attention.

  7. The issue appears to be on GoodReads's end. I recommend contacting them about this.

  8. I've been tried for 1,5 hours and read the support documentation but the bookshelf does not shown on the homepage. Yes, I can see the bookshelf on Goodreads but not on my blog.

  9. As stated, the issue appears to be a problem on the GoodReads end. You'll need to contact them.

  10. I found the link below:

    How can we use the HTML through this link?
    It gives "Copy/paste this HTML into your Web site".
    Could you please check this out?

  11. I'm having the same problem, and Goodreads said that I should contact you! Please help...

    ps: Thank you SO much for doing a Goodreads widget in the first place.

  12. Also, if someone on the staff is going to check out the widget, there's another issue: when you put in a title for the widget (for example, "Recommended Books") and you choose a shelf, the title is replaced by the shelf name AND the shelf name appears inside the box as well.

    Seems like it should be possible to have one title for the widget itself and then the shelf name inside the box but that doesn't work.

    Frankly, I'd prefer no shelf name listed inside the box because we can add our own title to the top of the widget! Thanks for listening...

  13. I've just added the widget to my blog and it works fine.

    The WordPress instructions state just add the numbers from your numeric ID. I did that and it didn't work.

    I then added my whole id, meaning numbers and name


    It then works.

  14. Thanks for that ianfox - I tried as you suggested and yes - it works! Much obliged :-)

  15. @theianfox
    Great catch and thanks so much for sharing it.

  16. lotsboutnothin

    Still won't work for me. I tried everything, deleting the widget, reinstalling it. Putting just the number ID or the whole name. Still would just say "no books on this shelf yet". It did work some days ago and I didn't change anything, so that's really weird. Any ideas?

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