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    I am looking for some assistance with the autopublish feature from goodreads with the wordpress site. This is the instruction from goodreads about autopublishing your reviews to your blog:

    I can’t seem to get auto-publishing reviews to my WordPress blog to work. What’s wrong?

    1. Did you paste the correct URL?
    For a WordPress blog, you can find the correct URL by going to your blog’s main page, and then viewing the source code. You’ll find a line that looks like this:

    link rel=”EditURI” type=”application/rsd+xml” title=”RSD” href=” ?rsd”

    The URL to use is in the ‘href’ section. Leave off the ‘?rsd’. In the above example, your post url would be

    2. Did you enable “remote publishing” in your WordPress settings?
    To check, go to: WordPress blog –> Settings –> Writing.

    3. Are you using an admin user’s information?
    Unfortunately, contributors won’t work.

    I believe I have followed the first step correctly, but I am unable to locate a ‘remote publishing’ setting to ‘turn on’. From my searches of the forums and help topics I have found a number of replies that say you can turn on autopublishing by email and by voice, but nothing similar to what goodreads advises.

    Grateful for some advice.


    The blog I need help with is



    Autopublishing content here is against the rules and will basically get your site suspended. is not an aggregator; it is a platform for original blogging.

    If you want an aggregator, you want WordPress.ORG. Those instructions are for a WordPress.ORG blog, which is not bound by our terms of service, etc.



    @raincoaster – thanks for the clarification.

    I imagine that gets a little confusing for people.





    All the time. Until the robot filter was put in place at least a third of our questions were from .org bloggers who were confused.



    my blog is at, and I linked it with goodreads, and when I wrote a review, it is not autopublished on my blog

    I did not find remotepublish at all.. how to set it? help/

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