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Goodreads book giveaway widget

  1. Sorry, but I cannot figure this out. I have html code for a Goodreads book giveaway widget I want to place in my sidebar. I can find no widget from the available selection that will allow me to do this. I tried the text widget, but it displays all of the html code along with the widget in my sidebar. Which widget can I use to paste in the html code and get this widget in my sidebar?
    Blog url:

  2. but it displays all of the html code along with the widget in my sidebar.

    Will you put the text widget back in the sidebar so we can examine the code?

  3. Thanks. It's there. It's ugly as hell, so I hate to keep it on display any longer than necessary.

  4. I can't locate it on this blog
    Are you referring to a different blog?

  5. Thanks for your help, Timethief. You were on the right blog, but I pulled it down. The visible html code is just such a sprawling mess I don't want to leave it up. I figured I must just be using the wrong widget for this, but cannot find any reference material for this problem. I thought there must be a specific widget or procedure for inserting an html code into the sidebar, but I cannot find it. If it is something that is going to require surgery on the code to make work, I'll just do without.

  6. We do have code restrictions so if it is an iframe or JavaScript the software strips out the code for security reasons >

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