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    I want to add the widget BOOKREADS, where would I find my GOODREADS id number? How would I activate the widget?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. It looks like you already have that widget on your sidebar. (If that’s the case, you should mark this thread “resolved” .Thanks!)

    For anyone else who happens to read this and who wants to find out more about the new Goodreads widget, please refer to:


    I love that there’s a Goodreads widget now. However, when I grab my ID number from my profile on Goodreads, what displays in my widget is NOT my currently-reading shelf, as it’s supposed to, but the currently-reading shelf of someone named billy, whose ID number is not even close to mine. Help please? Here is my actual Goodreads profile: . Here is what is displaying:

    Could this be because I have an author profile?



    I clicked on your profile and saw a number: 4762686. Have you tried it?


    Yes, that’s what I meant by I grabbed my ID number from my profile. Instead of getting MY currently-reading shelf, I get billy’s (see link in my original post).




    I think you’ll have to ask Goodreads for your ID number.

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