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Goodreads Not Updating

  1. Hello! I couldn't find an answer to this question so far on the forums so hopefully I'm not being repetitive.

    According to the widget instructions, "Any time you make changes at GoodReads to the shelf you’ve specified, the change should show up automatically in your handy-dandy new sidebar widget."

    My widget is working fine in that it shows up but it is showing a completely random set of books that I have read, rather than the most up to date. Is that normal? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmm, this is actually quite interesting. I had a look at my own widget, and it shows up books in an order, yes, but it is in the order of the date I added the book to Goodreads, not when I said I read it. And I checked on yours, and it does the same thing, it's ordered in date added. But more bizarrely, for you, is that there are books that you can clearly added later, but if you go to order them by date added, they don't appear (like The Last Song, Cross Fire, A Thousand Splendid Suns and Worst Case, don't appear). You may want to contact Goodreads directly about that:

    As for the widget, I might tag this thread to notify staff that the widget displays books not in the order of 'read', but in order of 'adding', maybe they can do something about it, maybe they can't.

  3. Hi there!

    At the moment, the widget allows you to display one of the default shelves GoodReads provides, “Read,” “Currently Reading,” or “To-Read.” @ardenrr, you have your widget set to "Read" and looking at your current "Read" shelf on GoodReads:

    The order appears to be the same as your widget - do you see the same thing?

    Side note: the Jenny Lawson book is so good. :)

    Let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll be happy to look into this further.

  4. Perhaps you see something different than I? Some books on the widget are recent while others I read years ago. The Jenny Lawson book is the most recent one I've read but I've read four more books since then that aren't showing up.

    It isn't a huge deal. I don't want to be a bother; it was just something I noticed. Thanks for the quick response!


  5. No apologies! If something isn't working with the widget, we need to know!

    Here's what I see in your widget - the order for the widget goes left to right, then down to the next row:

    And here's what I see in your "Read" shelf:

    As you can see, they're the same. If you're seeing something else, please take a screenshot and upload it to your site's media gallery. This page has some helpful tips for taking screenshots:

    I'm not familiar with GoodReads, so I'm not sure how the book would go from this list - - into your "Read" shelf, because I see that there are more recent books that you have read that aren't on that shelf. I did a quick search of their support section and found this:

    You can add a book to your "read" shelf just by rating the book. Hover over the stars underneath "want to read" and click when the desired number of stars are highlighted. This will automatically save your rating and add the book to your "read" shelf.

    Can you double check to see if you rated those newer books? That might be what is causing the issue.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  6. We have an answer! After reviewing both of your remarks (thanks by the way), the widget is accurate but Daniel is right in that it sorts by date added. Even though I've read other books since the Great Gatsby, I added them to the list a long time ago so they aren't showing up. I haven't tried but I guarantee if I change the add date, it will 'correct' the widget!

    Mystery solved :) You guys rock!

  7. One last note in case someone stumbles upon this:

    Goodreaders! I believe the only way to change the date added is to delete & re-add the book.

    Thanks again!

  8. Glad you were able to find the solution for Goodreads end of things!

  9. I just added this widget and am seeing just what the others report - the sort order is date added, descending. Is it possible to set the widget up either to allow us to choose sort order, or, if that's difficult, maybe just to use a different sort order for different shelves. Date added makes perfect sense for the to-read shelf where what you presumably want to share with people is what you're noticing that looks interesting. Sort order probably doesn't matter that much for the currently-reading shelf as most people probably don't have that many books on this shelf at a time. Date read, descending makes much more sense for the read shelf than does date added since people are presumably using this shelf to share what they've recently read which may include things added a long time ago. Thanks!

  10. @dorritg - the Read shelf on Goodreads defaults to the "date added" sort view, which is the information we can currently pull with the widget.

    Thanks for your suggestion. We've registered your suggestion and will keep it in mind for future features and updates!

    Also, don't forget the ideas forum, where you can discuss your suggestion with the community:


  11. Question about Goodreads widgets in general. I'm an author and want to post my Goodreads giveaway code/widget, but it has javascript in it and WP won't host the code (or any javascript codes for that matter). It also won't let me include my "read" shelf widget without having a few strands of code showing underneath the widget...anyone know what's up and why it's doing that? Thanks!

  12. @lindseypogue
    We cannot use JavaScript widgets on free hosted blogs for security reasons.

  13. @timethief
    Is there an easy way to convert the code so that it can be used? I have basic computer tech knowledge but nothing extensive. I'd really like to be able to use my Goodreads giveaway widgets and the like in some capacity on my blog, otherwise, it seems pointless to have this blog at all. So, if there's any way you know of that I can convert a java or other unaccepted code so that it can be used, I'd be a very happy woman :) If not.... :( Either way, thanks so much for your help!

  14. Is there an easy way to convert the code so that it can be used?

    Not there isn't and there are no giveaway widgets like that Goodreads one or like rafflecopter here at

  15. @timethief
    Hmmmm. Bummer. OK, thank you

  16. @lindseypogue
    Your alternative can be hire a web host and set up your own install. Then you will have a free standing site and anything you put on it can only compromise that site's security and not any others.

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