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  1. Why doesn't my Goodreads info show up on my blog anymore? It was there for a long time, but it's now gone. I checked, and I had the correct info in the widget...but nothing is there. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Howdy Ron,

    I can see the Goodreads widget on your sidebar now—can you? There might have been a systems issue over at Goodreads that caused it to blank out for a short time.

    If it isn't working on your end, let me know and we can debug what may be causing it not to display in your browser.

    Thanks for using!

  3. Thanks. I just checked and it DOES seem to be working now, but the Goodreads books it displays aren't ANY of the ones I've read! Problem must be with Goodreads. doesn't support some things. Perhaps the Goodreads info I had was one of them. The new info WP had me enter wasn't the same as what I did before.

  4. Looking closer, it appears that the Goodreads numeric ID set in the widget settings may belong to someone else (a young lady named Tara).

    Can you verify the Goodreads number is correct ( )?


  5. This is what shows up (and I thought I had the number correct):

  6. Ah, I see the problem now. Goodreads recycle their user ID numbers between authors and users. The widget shows *users*, which user number 6038587 belongs to the lady whose books you were seeing.

    On the other hand, an author, like yourself, has a different set of IDs, which apparently, do overlap.

    For the record, your GoodReads user number is 15245776. I was able to find that by going to your Goodreads author page, then clicking the tiny "RSS" link on the right of the "Ronald's Recent Updates" section header and noting the number in the URL.

    I've placed the widget in the sidebar of my test site using the 15245776 number here:

    Thanks for your patience as we together discovered this unique aspect of Goodreads!

  7. Thanks!

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