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Goodreads widget doesn't work.

  1. I followed the instructions to make sure I got my correct Goodreads numeric user ID. I entered it into the widget, selected the shelf I wanted, and clicked save. The user ID I entered disappeared and the widget is blank on my site.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of your site, starting with http?

  3. You followed exactly these instructions, ie only putting in the numerical component, not the whole line?

  4. Yes. I put in "3973575"

  5. I've tried it 6 times now.

  6. I get an error when I go to Goodreads and try to see that account. Is it public? I think the error here is on the Goodreads side.

  7. I checked, and the account is public.

  8. Maybe Goodreads is just having issues and it will get fixed soon.

  9. beinglynnpaterson

    I'm having exactly the same issue!

  10. The results of a simple forum search for goodreads widget produced this folks >

  11. That thread suggests that the answer is to add your whole ID, meaning numbers and name. I tried that and it still didn't work.

  12. Mine isn't working either. please?

  13. greeneyedgoldie

    Mine worked perfectly after trying quite a few times. I started out entering the entire ID but it did not work. The

  14. numbers only
  15. did work on Google Chrome. (It took a few minutes to actually show the book images inside the widget and I had to refresh the page to show it)

    My new problem is that the widget only works on Chrome... NOT Safari or Firefox, and I didn't bother trying anything else.

    On these browsers it's just a box that says it needs a plug-in to work and that there is no plug-in available. What to do?

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