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    Thank you for making the Goodreads widget!

    Two questions:

    1. In the widget itself, there is a space to enter a title for the widget (eg Goodreads) and a drop-down selection of potential shelfs (eg Currently Reading). This SEEMS as though the widget will show up with the title Goodreads and then, in the inside title, say Currently Reading. However, whatever is entered in the title spot shows up twice, so it says Goodreads on the top, Goodreads inside. If you type in Currently Reading as your title, then it also appears as a mini title inside the box. Could we please have the mini-title inside deleted so that we can call the widget whatever we like?

    2. The books are incredibly small…could those be made larger, please? (If we are just displaying one book, say the one we’re currently reading, the widget looks strange.)

    Thanks for listening. :)

    The blog I need help with is

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