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    I realise that this might have either a) been asked before, or b) might be too early to ask as Google+ is still pretty new, but: Is there a way of adding the Google+ +1 button to a blog/page?

    I was thinking of copy/pasting the javascript given by Google into a widget box for now. But it’d be cool to see the +1 box with the other sharing options (Facebook twitter, stumbleupon, etc).

    The blog I need help with is



    You can find the Google +1 button under your sharing buttons. :)



    Ah, yes. I just spotted that, myself. Thanks for pointing it out, though.


    I knew that this was around, but just couldn’t find it. So this helped alot…thanks

    Just to add, we have the +1 button for the blogs, what about the auto publicizing like Faceache and Twitter. I know it’s new, but when’s this scheduled.



    We Volunteers don’t know the answer to that question. Only Staff do.



    So.. what exactly does the +1 do? It doesn’t publish the post to Google +


    The +1 is a like function – so if you see something from another site (such as a YouTube video), then you can like it.

    From what I can see, this +1 doesn’t appear in your timeline, so your circles can’t see what you have liked. It add’s into a specific +1 section. If this is the case, then it’s pointless and not something that I will actively use. It doesn’t even show the details (such as the video)…just a link to it. I would rather have a share option instead of a like option. But that’s a Google issue.

    Looking at the publicize section of WordPress, Google+ doesn’t appear yet, so there is not an option to automatically publish your blogs to your Google+ account…yet.



    Google + is still really very much in beta, and I have no doubt that lots of changes will be coming to it soon.



    Ah, OK. I was just trying to understand it all. Thanks for the info.



    I’ve been farting around over there for hours. It’s got real geek chic, and all the famous nerds are on it. The interface looks beautiful, but it’s still glitchy. Drop-downs have a tendency to vanish while you’re still scrolling down, etc.

    It’s like Facebook, only it isn’t Facebook. So that’s good, eh?

    Also, you can only upload photos from your phone if your phone is Android. Not kidding!


    Sorry, but i cannot see the google+ button in the sharing section of dashboard. Do i need an actual google+ account for this to be seen or do i have to custom add?

    If custom, does anyone have the code for the field boxes?

    (new to wordpress)




    We cannot help you without a link to the blog, starting with http.


    The Blog… My blog?

    Is my blog relevant to google+ being on dashboard sharing or not?

    Did i misunderstan? (happens a lot :)




    It is VERY relevant.

    That is not a WordPress.COM blog. Therefore it doesnt work the same way ours do, and therefore we cant help you. It looks like quite an expensive site, so whoever set it up should be able to help you. The Jetpack Plugin will fix this for you, in case they don`t know.


    Ahh ok thanks.. I had no idea about that and appreciate the explanation. I’ll take a look at this jetpack.

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