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    <!– SiteSearch Google –>
    <form method=GET action=””>
    <input type=hidden name=ie value=UTF-8/>
    <input type=hidden name=oe value=UTF-8/>
    <table bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”><tr><td>


    <input TYPE=text name=q size=19 maxlength=255 value=””/>
    <input type=submit name=btnG VALUE=”Google Search”/>
    <font size=1>
    <input type=hidden name=domains value=””/>
    <input type=radio name=sitesearch value=””/> WWW <input type=radio name=sitesearch value=”” checked/> Library clips
    <!– SiteSearch Google –>

    <img SRC=””
    border=”0″ width=”90″ height=”30″ ALT=”Google”/>

    The blog I need help with is


    Moderator Emeritus

    You are trying to use code that we are not able to use on

    If you are familiar with HTML, you’ll notice that codes such as embed, frame, iframe, form, input, object, textarea and others are missing from the above list. Those codes are not allowed on for security reasons.

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