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Google adds

  1. I know a lot has been talked about google adds. but still I can't stop myself asking this.
    Like flickr can you create google adds widget? so that I can put it where I want and also like flikcr I can choose how many adds i want to be there. Technically I don't know much but as we are allowed to add photos from flickr why we can't add google adds through widgets?

  2. Can I suggest that you do a search for Google Ads, adsense and any other derivative of the term that you can think of?

    You'll see that Ads aren't currently allowed on at all.



  3. I know all about this...I will change my question..
    Insted of google, can wordpress create its own adds and allow wordpress users to have these adds on their blogs?

  4. You'll see that Ads aren't currently allowed on at all.

    I'm not going to go into affiliate links or other such advertising as it is all well discussed within the forum.

  5. Staff has stated that the issue with adverts is that having them here would draw in the spammers by the ton. I run my own WPMU site and I'm averaging about 40% of my newly created blogs as being sblogs, even still without allowing adsense.

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