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google ads

  1. Hi, just wondering what the policy is on having google ads on our wordpress blogs?

    i imagine it might depend on whether we're self hosted or not?

    I'm currently using free wp hosting.


  2. sorry, i have looked at the faq and all. i found an old post saying that adsense isn't currently allowed but that policy may change in the future.

    so i guess my question is - has that policy changed yet?


  3. yes, it's not your personal space and i think there is some limitations here. so...

  4. The issue also is with security. Javascripts are hackable. Matt and staff have stated that once they have figured out some secure method of hosting javascripts, then they will be allowed.

    I posted about a week ago examples of Blogger, MySpace and other sites being hacked due to scripts. I would rather have my site in one piece. :)

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