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Google Ads

  1. Obviously I've had my head in the sand, and just noticed all the google ads on my site. These ads are direct competition to my company, and I'm ticked to say the least. I understand I need to upgrade, but a lot of work has gone into my site, and to re-direct to other companies, makes me really angry. My only option now is to delete the blog and go elsewhere. I pay enough for my website, I'm not about to upgrade the blog. I don't know what I'm angrier about, the ads, or me taking so long to realize this was going on.

  2. I understand your anger. should note that in the FAQ entry for Business blogs.

  3. There are some links in this thread that will make it easier:

  4. pornstarbabylon

    Become an adult blog and voila, no ads!

    Or tell your readers on maybe a text widget that the ads are placed there by WordPress and not by you.

  5. Oh really? Mature blogs don't have Adsense? Are you totally sure? Because that's very, very interesting.

  6. I think I'm going to have adult stuff from now on.

  7. Well, my dear friend. Please understand that nothing comes free on this planet. Anything is worth what you pay for. I empthaise with word press on this. They cant give us everything free and run the show. You to own a business, Would you ?
    MY resquest to word press if you can regulate google ads on Blogs so that it does not interfear with our friends blogs. For me me I would not want unrealted links from my blog. ;)

  8. Unrelated links on my blog is fine, and I understand WordPress needs revenue, but to have direct competition related ads on my site, is just annoying.

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