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    I am using the Garland theme for my blog “”. Can anyone please tell me how could I place google ads on my blog?



    your not allowed to run ads on blogs


    Unless you get thousands of hits a day, many think they will make money with those ads but they rarely do.



    You’re not allowed to use Google Adsense while on wordpress. If you really want to use it, you can use blogger, it’s Googles own blogging service.



    Do please search the forums before asking a question. This particular topic has been discussed AD(sense) NAUSEUM.



    1. My WordPress blog is at Can I add google adsense ads on my blog? Please let me know?
    2. How I know google adsense was appear on my Blog,Please Tell me?


    @ariftrick, Read the thread you just posted in. It says at least twice that you cannot put ads on your blog here at Read the linked FAQ in my post 5 up from this one.


    WordPress runs ads on our blogs occasionally to pay for the servers and bandwidth, but they are only seen randomly by people coming to your blog from a link on a search engine.

    We however are not allowed to run ads.

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