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Google Adsense ads

  1. How i can put google adsense ads on my blog/post?

  2. You can't. A quick search for "adsense" in the forums would have answered your question without you needing to ask.

  3. Are you even at the right forums? I note that you've only been here for an hour and there's no blog here with your username.

    These forums are for those folks hosted here at If you're hosted elsewhere, you need to be over at

  4. I think it would be interesting to see if those who fruitlessly plead for adsense and other advertising on blogs, actually do move to self hosting/web hosting elsewhere and download software from

  5. If they can't make heads or tails out of Google's instructions, they're likelier to go to Blogspot. They wouldn't have the confidence to do that themselves, nor the budget to hire someone to do it for them.

  6. I dont see why anyone would want to have adsense on their blogs anyway. It's not like you can earn any decent money from it. A work colleague of mine used to have adsense on his blog, he was lucky if he got £30 a quarter out of them, and his blog had over 1000 hits a day. (Personally i feel lucky if i get 1 hit a day lol)

  7. Lots of reasons.

    1) People have been deceived by sleazy SEO "gurus" who want to sell seminars and books.
    2) they're just now picking up Wired 1.0 and getting with this dotcom boom thing: the internets are gonna be huge!
    3) some people feel it makes them look more professional to have Adsense on their blog: it's a case of "any Brand is an endorsement". These people are very new to blogging.
    4) they got bullshitted by some guy at a party who was doing the "mine is bigger than yours" thing and claiming millions of dollars from Adsense on his blog.

  8. lol you missed the old Google promise of millions of pounds per click :)

    I dabbled with it once when i was first getting into blogging. My blog at the time was fairly popular with an average of 3-400 visitors a day, and me posting 2 or 3 times a day. I had adsense on it, and in 6months i think it was i made a whopping £1. I learnt that most people were like me, they hated the adds. So i dropped them, wont ever have ads on a blog again.

    Course now i get 1 or 2 visits a day and post 1 or 2 posts a week >.< something wrong there hehe

  9. Actually what I make off of Google just on my blog would pay for the hosting for my sites.

    It's just that $100 earned before payout I usually have issues with.

  10. Is free money not still money? If the AdSense did not pay for that hosting it'd have to be paid from other revenues. I really don't get the hostility to free money. After it's set up you don't need to keep pushing just blog as's a one-time set up. So what if it brings you only a few bucks a month, it's a few bucks more than you would get without it. As drmike says, in his case it pays for hosting, which effectively allows it to be free (since it's not impacting on any other revenue).

    To assume that everyone asking about AdSense assumes it will make them millionaires is a bit judgmental and more than a bit condescending. Of course some will believe that, but many know it's not a river of gold, just an extra stream of money to supplement their existing one.

    Many surfers (myself included) block out adverts, by using a decent browser with blocking software, and zone out any that pass through.....these adverts don't work on us. Does this mean that everyone surfs the same as us? Well, judging by the shift in emphasis to online adverts by huge corporations whose only train of thought is "how do we make even more money"....I'd guess it works, which means that some people do not zone or block it out, and instead of being offended by it....actually USE it, therefor making some people money.

    Many young people take a totally different view of advertising, and have no problems with it, they accept it as just part of the internet and don't separate it from the non-commercial aspect. Do they not have money to spend? A glance at the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry alone would suggest a slight possibility they have heard of the concept of "money".....and it's purpose.

    As much as this little gated community frown upon anything as commercial as AdSense, jumping to conclusions, and shoving everyone in the same mould just because they dare to ask shows more about the judge than the accused.

    It's quite simple, AdSense is not allowed, no matter how many times someone asks, or who answers in each new thread about it. Sarcastic responses are fine in my book since some are clearly too lazy or stupid to search first...but to assume to know the intent and mindset is just wrong.

    Unless the reason you mock it, is that you have money to burn and assume that everyone should be like you....where a few bucks here and there are irrelevant and can be just thrown away or dismissed as "tacky". I hate to burst your illusions if that's the case.....for many of us, a few bucks here or there can really help out when the finances get tight.

    I repeat again.....what do we do to get this pitiful and irregular addition to our income? A one-time set up......that's all. We don't blog about it like a paid review, we don't sell it like an affiliate...we simply blog on as we would have before....and get the occasional check through the mail. All we have to do in return is stick a little peice of code on our blog which shows an advertisement in the style of our choosing, in the place we choose.

    Sorry if this seems more like a rant, but frankly I'm getting rather pissed off at some of the more judgmental among us. Of course it's not for everyone....some may have it for years and make practically nothing....some may like their blogs totally clean of advertising, some may prefer affiliates which do earn more but also require work put in on a regular basis.

  11. Answering the original question again, google adsense cannot be used on blogs hosted by unless you are part of the VIP hosting packages. The option would be to download a copy of wordpress from and then find a host. There is a list of good hosts found here.


  12. @dirk: I agree that not everyone wishing to put Adsense on their blogs is a) naive or b) greedy. However, expecting the service to bend to their wishes is a waste of everyone's time, because if you want to put ads on your blog, there are other free hosts where you can do that already. Isn't it better to do a little research and take your custom somewhere that already has the features you want, rather than blindly head for the first site you find and then expect it to change to suit you?

    Also, downloading wordpress and paying for a host is not your only option if you want ads, and it is more than a little misleading to argue that it is. Not being staff or angling for a position on staff, I personally don't feel I'm under any obligation to pimp to anyone.

  13. Absolutely correct wank. There are many other options out there for having ads on your blog. The answers given were making one major assumption that they want to use wordpress for their blog. If you open up to other software solutions, the list is really endless!


  14. This is not about expecting wordpress to bend to suit someone. The rules are set about AdSense, they are not going to point was never about expecting it to change. I agree, people should check beforehand......but I'd guess the mention of "no commercial activity" is tucked away in tiny letters in some piece of text nobody reads and just clicks "accept" to continue. That's a separate issue.

    I didn't notice ANYTHING when I joined about no commercial activity, I didn't have an AdSense account at the time, but I assumed it'd be no problem. After helping out in the forums on different issues I learned that it was not allowed. I think it should be made a LOT clearer when people sign up.

    The issue is the assumption by some here that just because someone has the audacity to want to put AdSense on their blog that they must be crazy and deluded by someone conning them into it being a river of gold etc.

    The feeling I get on some issues is of a little gang of people who sneer at others who don't share their opinions, at some points I think there must be some hidden inbreeding program going on to keep others out and their own numbers up.

    Some don't want adverts on their site, thats fine...that is their choice. A site is about personal expression, which can contain an income generating function (dependent on the host). Some surfers don't like adverts, do they choose to avoid any site which has them on principle? Do you use Google and ignore the adverts?

    The point here is the assumption of someones intent and knowledge. Just because you've decided adverts on your blog is a sin, and because you don't want the deal of giving a little space on your blog for a few bucks it brings in.......does that give you mind reading powers about others?

    Since we're in a judgmental mood, why stop at AdSense? Does everyone who wants to add a photo slide show see themselves as a supermodel yet to be discovered and the display will make them a millionaire? Does everyone who wants to add a music player see themselves as a DJ yet to be discovered and the existence of the player as their path if the Pop Idol application fails? Of course why throw everyone who wants to accept an advert on their site as deluded?

    I also agree on the pimping point too....most hosts (even the free ones) allow you adverts, some include their own adverts too, which make you no money. Some are better than others, but you're's not the only option and shouldn't be worded as if it is. We then come into the "is it a TOS violation to recommend a competitor?"

    The wordpress software is well designed for the most part, but the amount of features which are restricted to paying customers cracks me up...when most of that is free elsewhere in free hosts. Of course these features are free if downloaded and hosted elsewhere.......not counting the charge for your hosting and domain name.

  15. @dirkgently
    Somehow you have hijacked the forum and turned every adsense post into your own Hyde Park. Please, please, please -- stop. And consider the propriety of taking the following courses of action:
    (1) just answering the questions posted to the forum;
    (2) and posting your wordpress policy opinions on your blog.

    Thank you for listening to my viewpoint.

  16. Ahhhhhh so it's OK for some to hijack threads but not for others? Again this smacks of a little club of exclusive members sneering at the outside world. Yes this happens to be a bit of a rant on the subject of AdSense.....or more accurately the judgmental attitude of some in the forums about those wanting to use AdSense.

    On the hijacking thread front.....explain to me why the Club Penguin thread is OK to be hijacked by many of the "respected" volunteers here......and a relevant but slightly off tangent subject is not? For some reason the terms "glass houses" and "throwing stones" are springing to mind.

    What I do see here is the judgmental people NOT butting in here to defend themselves. This makes me wonder if I've shamed them. Personally I doubt it.....I'm expecting the same behavior to continue in different threads.

    So, explain to me who can and can't hijack threads, what the rules of the club are......just so I don't offend the big kahuna and don't get my Christmas card.

    On the Club Penguin thread it was DELIBERATELY hijacked. It wasn't a side topic that took it was intentionally trashed by people who should know better. No attempt was made to hide their was laid down several times in plain English, by several people.

  17. All right guys, this is just getting personal and will be closed if it continues which benefits no one.


  18. @dirk
    You have lots to say on adsense and Club Penguin -- enough to say to make them into blog posts and invite bloggers to comment on them on your blog. As the OP has had an answer to his or her question, won't you please consider expressing your opinions on your blog so we can discuss them there?

  19. As to the hyjacking threads issues, I've been deleteing more posts lately then I should be doing. We do need to try to stay on topic around here please.

    Gotta admit though that the CP thread was in the offtopic subforums. It really wasn't a support topic.

  20. jamaicangirl2007

    I have no idea how to put ads on my site. Does anyone know how?

  21. We are not allowed to have ads on blogs.
    Doing so can result in having your blog deleted.
    I guess you didn't read carefully enough,
    as this is clearly stated above by a Moderator
    It's also stated in the FAQs
    If you wish to have a blog you can advertise on you can hire a web host and have him download software for you from
    More information can be found in the Please Read Me First sticky post at the head of the forum.

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