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Google Adsense adverts appearing on blog

  1. Hi, maybe I have missed something however I have noticed that occassionally Google Adsense adverts appear when I search google and follow a link into my WordPress blog. Now I am pretty happy with Google Adesense advertising as long as it is controlled by "me", and if necessary I would be happy to pay for the opportunity to either have my own Adsense code in my blog or for it NOT to be there.

    Can anyone tell me (a) why this is appearing occassionally on my blog, and (b) how to stop it appearing.

  2. timethief

    Thanks for the forum links, I should have done a search of the forum. Thanks it answers my question.

  3. You're welcome. :)

  4. Sometimes, this FORUMS is another kind of "adsense advertising" - many of us pimp our own blog by means of posting topics similar to this one. Hehehe. I am glad to see you're pointing people on a right forum links.

  5. @foolswisdom
    Is there any indication yet from Matt when the testing period for google adsense advertising on blogs can be expected to come to an end?

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