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Google adsense on wordpress - possible or not?

  1. onlyamazingrecipes

    The readers of my blog informed me that some nasty ads were displayed on my blog. It was not a nice surprise. But I decided I would be "understanding" (that you need to earn some money) and instead of complaining bought a "no-ads" thingy yesterday.

    At the same I decided to add Google adsense to my blog and oouuppss! another surprise! It turned out I couldnt do it because wordpress decided to do so!

    Now I have to decide between 2 options:

    1) request my "no ads" money back and start looking for a another platform where I could host my blog and have an adsense.

    2) May be you can offer me a solution: how I can stay with wordpress and have the adsense option.

    Please advise me on the above.

    Thank you!
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  2. Advertising is possible through the WordAds program.

    Please visit the following page to learn more about advertising on

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