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    I have seen a lot of Indian wordpress blogs with google ads. I applied and clarified to them that I was not running wordpress on my own domain. They have written to me twice that I was eligible. Their people here told me that you cannot do anything unless you can manipulate the html which would imply template I guess.

    I know html and Java in moderation and am not too familiar with all this. Kindly let me know in simple languare whether this is possible or not on and if so, how? Thanks in advance.



    IF: you had read the stickies on top of Forum, followed protocol, done your own *SEARCH –“AdSense” First, you would have seen: few dozen threads, all aspects.

    Answer: Nope.

    “AdSense”: ONLY Google will make money, bloggers get to get ripped off; Google enables blog-scrappers/AKA content thieves, to freely steal others’ work and slap AdSense on it –while pretending they have no responsibility to protect others’ copyright rights.

    Ergo: even if it was allowed, nobody should use AdSense –anywhere.



    I know this topic has been discussed again and again and I seriously feel wordpress should allow users to add adsense. The users make a lot of efforts to get quality contents in their blogs and they should be allowed to be compensated for their efforts.
    If there will be security issues, wordpress team should work on that. Here is my take on this idea.

    -Introduce a trial period of 1 year when users of can also add adsense.
    -If it seems that a lot of users are being able to make money through it, slap a nominal fee for wordpress sites which have adsense on them but continue to give a free wordpress blog to all those who don’t include adsense in their blogs.
    This might mean little bit more work to team but it does come up with incentives. WordPress has to look at long term prospects and adsense and other advertisements are essential to run sites in a sustainable way.

    Hows the idea ?



    If there will be security issues, wordpress team should work on that.

    The issue is that having users upload javascripts, not just Google Adsense’s ones but just in general, puts everybody else at risk. We are on a shared environment here and, if a hacker was able to gain access to the files, then all blogs are at risk, not just the one with the Javascripts.

    I, for one, like having the security the provides. havinbg 44 of my own servers sitting behind a pair of firewalls and some very well set security programs on those boxes, it doesn’t take me that long to recognize the importance of security on the internet.



    Hey, whatever happened to Poppy? :(



    Holy cow….
    drmike…you returned to a thread that was left out on the 19th of October?
    hehehe..good job..



    I found it looking for something else and there wasn’t a clear follow up on the question asked. I found a couple of them last night. I don’t like leaving questions unanswered.



    drmike, if it was just a java script issue, couldn’t they just make a widget like the Flickr one?

    I’m with you on the security issue. Seems like almost once a week I can’t get to a blog because it’s down.



    Staff could. It’s my understanding that they are only using Javascripts provided from ‘trusted sources’ though. I had submitted a Sitemeter one that had the javascript built in like the flickr one does. Mark said that he didn’t feel comfortable with the javascript within it though.

    edit: I’m not involved with policy or backend issus though of course.

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