Google Adsense should be alloud.

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    Yes, i know this may be asked alot but this is my FIRST time actually on the forums.
    Even if Google Ads well never be on wordpress WHY NOT?
    i am just a newbie blogger but i get over 15k veiws a month now and google ads would be awsome, i would atleast make $50 a month. And im still a teenager so it may not be alto to you or me, but its still something!

    (please dont be any trolls as i know they are pretty useless & i know this will be an annoying post.)

    The blog I need help with is



    The reason Google adsense is NOT allowed is because staff already runs Google adsense ads on our blogs to pay the bills if you would like for the ads NOT to show up you can purchase the upgrade to remove the ads.


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    Is this you:
    Please post a link to the blog you are asking about every time you have a ?
    http:// ???

    I’d ask you how much you are paying to get your “15k veiws a month” with your blog?

    nada for you?


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    So who is hosting your site and how much do your pay?

    You could self-host…



    With 15k views a month I would think you would have more comments than you do, of course if that link is the blog that is yours.



    If you’re confident of making that much, it’d pay you to move to WordPress.ORG.



    I have a web site that gets 20k page views a month according to Analytics. Last time I tried Adsense on it, I made $0.14.



    Frankly I’m glad it’s NOT allowed because I spent the last year and a half on another forum listening to blogspot (Blogger) bloggers cry the blues about either not getting a check from Adsense until they earn $100. 00, or having their Google Adsense accounts banned. The $100.00 limit is stated outright in the Google Adsense policies. The reason their accounts were banned was due to their participation in click fraud schemes, which is also dealt with up front in the Google Adsense policies.

    I visited all of the blogs of those who were seeking a shoulder to cry on and I did some research on their blog contents as well. Not surprisingly, in almost all cases their blogs were filled with plagiarized and/or stolen content. From my viewpoint the fact that runs Adsense and we can’t means that is not a haven for blog scrapers, sploggers, and spammers like blogspot (Blogger) is.

    Anyone in business knows they must spend a little money to make more. If you think you have content worth monetizing and your blog currently gets 1000 – 1500 unique visitors every day then my advice to you is to hire a web host and self host a free software install from http://wordpress.ORG


    @tellyworth, I try to explain that to web clients all the time and there is little chance of it getting through. They all have $$$ in their eyes and see themselves having places on the French Riviera and in the Caribbean and their own jets (slight exaggeration).

    Some people make a little money, but the vast majority get a $100 check every 12-24 months if they are lucky.

    There is no free lunch.


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    On the other hand:
    how does WordPress.Com make money for hosting so many blogs for free?

    (just really wondering because when I try to explain it to someone…
    well, it makes little sense.)



    Likewise, adding money would kinda ruin it. :)


    They have 2.5 million blogs or so to put ads on, and if you take into consideration the “no-ads” upgrade is only $30 per year, what does that say about how much they average?

    And they have blogs hosted here that get hundreds of thousands of hits each month, so even at a small percentage of click though’s that is still quite a good number.



    Adsense is only one part of’s income. Most of the ad revenue comes from a relatively small percentage of blogs.



    “Adsense is only one part of’s income. Most of the ad revenue comes from a relatively small percentage of blogs.”

    He’s talking about my blog of course. *twiddles thumbs*



    If you’re getting 15,000 hits per week on you should definitely self-host.

    1tess: I don’t believe or Automattic are turning a profit yet, feel free to correct me but I think they’re still in the venture capital stage…

    “…Automattic had raised a whopping $29.5 million in a Series B Round of funding, including a strategic investment from The New York Times Co. Previous investors True Ventures, Polaris Ventures, and Radar Ventures also invested in this round.”


    As I understand it, wordpress.COM is a commercial thing separate from .ORG and Automattic. In other words, .COM has to stand on its own.



    “I don’t believe or Automattic are turning a profit yet”

    We make enough to pay the bills.


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    1tess: I don’t believe or Automattic are turning a profit yet, feel free to correct me but I think they’re still in the venture capital stage…

    I do not know who is, or is not, making money. But the OP seems to be demanding money or profit for himself for nothing. This service we enjoy is costing us nothing (plus we get this amazing forum with volunteer experts)!! Free!!!

    The OP wants “Google Adsense should be alloud.” Spelling errors aside, he or she is asking for a free lunch or a free ride or something free, and also wants a profit?


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    Also 15k or 20k per month won’t generate much income. No matter what great things my dear husband thinks about my blog…

    not with adsense…



    @1tess: It doesn’t have to be a ‘free lunch’ (not that I have anything against free lunches!) – could make this a paid upgrade.

    That said, I don’t think it’s a good idea for many reasons:

    1. It’s cruel – many people will be tempted, and very few will even cover the upgrade cost.

    2. It will attract all kinds of spammers (and we have enough of those already, thanks!)

    3. It will funnel money and clients to Google (and that’s a free lunch I don’t like!)

    4. It will be a subsystem based on the technology of another company (I think Automattic are trying to gradually get rid of 3rd party WordPress components – but maybe I’m wrong)

    5. People will start blogging for the wrong reasons – imagined profits instead of fun (resulting in frustration instead of fun!).

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