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Google Adsense should be alloud.

  1. Ads by Dodge and slot machines. Is there anything that says high-class or high-quality like that?

  2. Google AdSense is not free from ills. Just see the AdSense forum and you will find so many people who have been banned, have not received payments and whatnot for unknowingly violating policies or due to some unknown error.

  3. Everyone,

    I have shifted to self-hosting and guess what is my first post after shifting?! The sound of drum is pleasant only from a distance!

    It is '5 reasons why you should not shift from to'

  4. Seems the OP is continuing to mirror his posts to his blog. Does someone want to tell him how that's going to hurt him in the long-run? :-)

    I agree that if allowing ads on happens, it should be a paid upgrade, but certainly more than the $30/year no-ad upgrade. That should help separate the chaff from the wheat. Also, if you haven't yet read this interview of Matt Mullenweg by Jonathan Bailey of, it certainly puts the no Adsense things in a different light.

  5. The OP now has a hint to get in touch. Duplicate content is not allowed - and it's not for SEO reasons :)

    @vikasjnu - thanks for your links, don't think we need yet another :)

  6. Mark, thanks for the friendly reminder. I just realized I have put up four links three of which relate to my blog!

    I learnt a new acronym from this discussion: OP [Original Poster].

  7. @ Vikasjnu
    I read your five reasons not to shift..from to i am not expert in all this but i am running my blog, quite successfully.
    I am learning all things myself..Now i am thinking to make my as my personal blog.

    [no sigs please - Mark]

  8. rahulbuzz,

    All the best.

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