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Google Adsense with standard WordPress

  1. Hi guys,

    Is it possible to add my own Google Adsense Link block to my wordpress blog, i have a standard blog , and not on my own domain...

    Is there any possible way to add my adds to my page in any way that is possible?

    Thanks ...

  2. There are already Adsense ads on your posts, as you can see if you do a search of the forum for "Adsense". Blogger-initiated adsense is against the Terms of Service, but are running adsense on our blogs. You won't see it if you're signed in, and regular readers are not supposed to see it, but people coming from search engines often do.

  3. Hi Raincoaster,

    Does that mean that WP is earning from our blogs? And they do not allow us to make some bucks?

  4. Please see this FAQ regarding Adsense here at

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