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Google AJAX Search and Feed Wizard is "loading only"!

  1. Hello there I just used Google AJAX Search and Feed Wizard to create some code for my feed list.

    When I paste it into a Pages i created as my News pages and activate it from my menu it never
    shows----only "loading" appear on the page instantly.

    Do You have an idear about whats wrong ?


  2. That code contains Javascript, which blogs do not allow for security reasons. You might want to read this support article:

  3. hey Wpadvanced

    Thanks for the info abot that.

    well it explain it ofcouse though i think its a bit pitty that WP have nearly the same Google feed plugin just not that nice and flexible as the dynamicfeed I really like.
    Well if there really are no ways to use this fine google javascripts the solution might be to make a news site outside my WP-blog - mmmhh not my wish but the feed script is awesome if you gĀ“have many categories - Hope somebody will build a plugin like that soon.


  4. @glimer
    The blog linked to your name has serious problems and will not load.
    We provide support only for blogs here. blogs do not have FTP access. blogs do not have plugins. blogs do have FTP access and plugins.
    The correct forum for those self hosting software is here

  5. ooh thanks well i did not know there was more versions of wordpress - i got more clever - so what is for - sorry for asking ?

    What do you mean that my name has serius problems ?

  6. WordPress.COM is for blogging, not aggregating. If you want to write or post images, and have excellent SEO, is for you.

  7. OK thanks i will remember that. ;.)

    Still wonder what timethief means by my name has serius problem and will not load ???

  8. I found exactly the same as she did: the blog linked to your name has serious problems and will not load. will not load for me. If that's your website, you need to fix it.

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