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    I am trying to figure out how to add my Google analytic code to my page. Does anyone know how to edit appearance and theme??

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t add Google analytics to a blog.


    Are you sure Raincoaster? I just added google webmaster and analytics to my blog and it appears to be running. I don’t have data yet (it was added within 24 hours) but I think it’s working.



    Yes raincoaster is positive as we are all positive about that correctness of this answer. If there was a question that could top the list of questions we Volunteers are tired of answering next to can I have Google adsense on my blog this would be it.

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    Moreover, if you are running both then you are posting to thw rong support forum. This forum is only for free hosted blogs. You need to post to Please read vs The Differences


    Thanks for the response, I’m sorry to beat a dead horse. I’m still very new to wordpress and I saw it seemed to be working for me (although no data came through since 24 hours hasn’t passed yet). I apologize.

    Does Google Webmaster still work? -.- I just wrote a post on setting up Google programs to track data, too. Rats! Back to the drawing board.



    Are you talking about ? If so, you can’t run Google Analytics but you can use Webmaster tools.

    Always give us the specific link to the exact blog you’re talking about because as TT pointed out, our instructions are for WordPress.COM, not WordPress.ORG blogs.


    I’m sorry. I’m still learning the protocol. I was writing (published, then privatized lol) a post about setting up analytics/webmaster to help people understand the keywords searched for their site. It appeared that both accounts are verified and would begin to collect data in 24 hours (like 5 hours from now). I guess I was wrong. Thank you TimeThief and Raincoaster for clearing that up for me.


    Member doesn’t support Google Analytics, if you want Google Analytics you must get your own hosting for you blog. Good luck!


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    again here is a link to read about the two flavors of WordPress, as confusing as it might be but still for your viewing pleasure:



    You’re welcome. The only process we can use for verifying blog with the major search engines is found here >
    If you are looking for very basic white hat SEO practices for bloggers click my username and search. If you need more academic references they are readily acvaialabel. Google and Bing provide webmaster guides for learning basic SEO. If you intend to attempt to provide novice SEO advice to other novices in your blog, then your are walking on quicksand. I have witnessed far too many novices leading other novices into blind corners on SEO over the course of these last 6 years.



    edit: “acvaialabel” was meant to be “available” sorry :(



    @novice – interesting that you violate some very basic SEO guidelines on your site already. Fancy graphic –




    Does anyone know how to edit appearance and theme?

    We cannot edit templates or themes on blogs. You can purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and use CSS editing to change the appearance of any theme found here > Appearance > Themes


    @auxclass. Can you explain what basic SEO guidelines have been violated?



    Er… Novice, your blog has to be a spoof, right?

    I mean, Feb 3: “… the algorithm (named after Al Gore, the inventor of the internet)… ”


    1a. You Google chart is completely useless. It cannot be read at all and when you click on it, it does not give a larger version you can actually read.

    1b. And the colors chosen for the chart are WAY wrong from a readability and accessibility standpoint. There is NO contrast between the color of the text and the background colors on the chart. The chart is useless. Either redo it so that it can be read and upload a version large enough that people can click on it and see it, or just delete it.

    1c. Never save charts such as this as a jpg. jpg is meant for photographic images, not for graphic type images and jpg also use anti-aliasing for smoother gradients and for a chart such as this with large blocks of color and text, it simply turns the chart into unreadable mud.

    2. Anything over 10 tags on a single post is risking being labeled as a “tag spammer” by search engines, and will most likely keep your posts out of the global tags pages at the very least.



    3) you’ve got to be kidding me.



    Ha ha ha ha, thanks for that, raincoaster… And I thought *I* was a novice!

    But seriously, though, thanks sacredpath for the tip about max number of tags – I’m probably over enthusiastic in that area, but then I do tend to be tagging posts that run to mini-essays.



    See here > global tags > missing posts

    See here: search > missing posts

    Note also that Google search spiders are programmed to detect spamdexing ie. the excessive use of tags and categories and/or irrelevat use of tags and categories aimed to game search engine results. They search the text in your posts and if the tag or category you assigned isn’t there they detect that. Moreover, guess which sites are very closely scrutinized? You’re right! It’s sites where people profess they are providing SEO tips to others.

    P.S. I could add a 4. to the list thesacredpath started above but I’m choosing not to.



    If you wouldn’t mind me piggy backing on this question. I am a recent blogger. I checked the articles on how to get noticed, etc. I did use the Google Webmaster. Question: using it appears I have done all I can with Google search, wordpress does all the rest. If I wanted to add more or do more customizing it looks like I need Have I understood everything correctly? If I have I can stop reading link after link after link . . . Thanks!

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