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    I’d like some guidance here.. I have spent days looking for an answer, but this drives me crazy.
    I have a free wordpressaccount, and a blog (private). It’s DNS redirected to my own domain.
    I also have a google analytics account, and I’d like to track my traffic on my wordpress blog.
    There is supposed to be a plugin för wordpress and Google analytics. “Easy to install” it says, but one of the first steps is to paste files into wp-content/plugin directory, and how do I access this directory since WordPress do not allow ftp-access?
    My theme is a free theme I should also mention.

    What does it take to make Google analytics work for me? Is it a premium memebership, or a premium theme?
    Please, help me..

    The blog I need help with is


    GA cannot be used at From “additional info at :

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.


    Hi rizzlo08, I know it’s frustrating not being able to run Google Analytics on a blog. I almost moved to a different service because of it. In any case, I wanted to let you know that there is an (imperfect) solution for this that I’ve been using for several months now. It involves using a 3rd party service called CloudFlare. There’s another post here which provides some details if you’re interested:

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