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    To add my voice to the many others who have raised this in the forums, I would love to recommend that my clients switch their sites to – solid hosting, no need to worry about patches etc.. But they’re used to the rich insights they get from Google Analytics, and the lack of support for this is a deal-breaker. I’d even pay extra for it as an upgrade. Such a shame people have been asking for it for so long.



    +1 Yes, please.



    Hear, hear. I’d pay for this.



    I am so much in agreement. I want to start a website for a client using as the interface is really great. The only hassle is the lack of Google Analytics (especially ability to monitor bounce rates) and SEO functionality that would enable SEO tags such as meta descriptions.

    I’d also pay for this functionality!


    Does this mean there’s no way to get Google Analytics on a WordPress-hosted site? I’m doing research on this now, so sorry to be asking what may be an easily-answered question.



    Apparently Google Analytics and SEO functionality is only available through self-hosted sites, not through The latter have their own stats but they don’t seem as comprehensive as Google Analytics.

    I am really hoping will do something about this as I SO like the ease of using .com, but the lack of those two features is a deal-breaker for me.


    I endorse this petition! We all need Google Analytics on our blog! WP colleagues please try your best!



    The SEO optimization of blogs is greater than those on independent hosts. Believe me, I’ve tested that and you can test it yourself.

    Google analytics is a separate issue, of course.


    Dear Raincoaster, I am delighted to know that WP seo it’s better, but it doesn’t works with my email marketing provider and Google analytics does :( , so I’m just waiting for this functionality in WP, hope it could run shortly


    Our clients use a blog in parallel to their usual website, and being able to integrate their stats into one place would be excellent. Speaking as the person who had to break the news to them that there was nowhere to drop the GA code into, I’d love to see it!


    Yes, I support to have access to Google analytics for I am not earning from my site, for 2 years, and I don’t mind ‘coz this is primarily a personal community-engagement and I am blogging in one endangered language. So it would be great if I don’t need to pay anymore for SEO and analytics.



    Please please please listen to us and allow the use of Google Analytics! Not offering support for that just seems silly. Even basic websites such as offer the ability to use Google Analytics!



    It seems possible to link to Google Analytics through Google Webmaster Tools? Not sure how this will work, but I’ve enabled it and hope to see some results soon.

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