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Google analytics and Vimeo

  1. whatmyboyfriendwore

    Hi all,

    I have zero idea or experience on CSS and am only 2 months old in the blogging world.

    My queastion is simple.If I buy the customisation option will it open up the CSS on my blog allowing me to use google analytics and embed vimeo videos using there embed code for sharing?

    I dont want to waste my money if it wont do those.

    Any help or response will be appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can embed Vimeo for free - no upgrade required

    You can't do Google Analytics no matter what upgrade you buy

  3. whatmyboyfriendwore

    Hi Auxclass,

    Thanks for responding.

    When I embed video the video is very small on my page and only sits in the centre, no matter what I do. I have fiddled with all the media settings to try to get it to stretch across the width of the page but nothing seems to work.

    Any advice on how to embedd using the embed code and not the URL?

  4. Instead of using the embed code, you should use the Vimeo shortcode to embed the videos. You can change the size setting using the shortcode. This page explains how:

    I found an example of a Vimeo video at and it looks like you've already figured it out. :)

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