Google analytics for wordpress blog?

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    how could I set up Google analytics for my blog ?

    Easy job?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but we cannot use Google Analytics on blogs.



    not even with the CSS upgrade?



    No. The CSS editing upgrade which allows for editing the stylesheet of a theme and altering it’s the theme’s appearance and statistics programs are in no way, shape or form related subjects.



    Here’s the reference link for you. The Custom CSS Upgrade allows you to use your own CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to customize the appearance of your blog. CSS allows you to change fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and even the layout of the blog.

    Here’s the reference link in the support documentation entry to Google Analytics.
    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.



    C’est vraiment dommage que l’on ne puisse pas utiliser Google analytics avec WORDPRESS.

    Il suffit d’inserer le code spécifique dans les pages. On peut le faire facilement pour l’acces au referecement: google, yahoo, bing (des cases sont prevues dans la section Outils(Webmaster Tools Verification ). C’est donc prévu partiellement.

    Il aurait été simple et judicieux de prévoir un ligne supplementaire a cet endroit juste pour Google analytics (qui est un outil genial et tres detaillé au niveau de stats gratuites).

    Quelqu’un peut il faire remonter cette demande aupres de wordpress?
    Coté utilisateur notre interface est assez “bridée” et on ne peut pas faire grand chose.




    It’s really a pitty we can not use Google analytics with WORDPRESS.

    Simply insert the specific code in the pages. You can do it easily for access to referecement: google, yahoo, bing (boxes are provided for in the Tools section (Webmaster Tools Verification). It therefore provided partially.

    It was simple and appropriate to provide an additional line is this place just for Google Analytics (which is a tool and very genial at Detailed stats free).

    Someone can follow demand with wordpress?

    Thank you



    If you hire a web host and get a free software download from then you will have a free standing blog and you can install Google Analytics.

    Here our wordpress.COM blogs are all on the same mulituser blogging platform. Here at wordpress.COM we do not have FTP access to our blogs and cannot install anything into them. Staff have heard this request many times before and if you wish to make the request again then you can contact Staff directly.



    merci thank you



    Votre soyez bienvenu. Beau jour et meilleurs voeux. :)



    This is really a bit bizarre. There’s no reason why couldn’t maintain an “approved” set of the Analytics Urchin code and simply allow users to fill in the two or three variables that might exist (root domain, the UA code, etc.).

    The must be deciding not to include it for some other reason. I hope they change their stance soon.



    I could be wrong, but I believe that Staff are running the Google Analytics Urchin code on our blogs, and that is where the data we see in the in-house program is being derived from.


    The other thing to remember is that part of this is up to Google. Google does not provide any HTML based code for Analytics, which means that there isn’t anything that can be used here at wordpress.COM since javascript isn’t allowed due to security concerns.

    If Google had HTML code, it would be far more likely that it could be used here.



    Timethief, atrocious french.



    I am an English speaking person who did not have the benefit of a bilingual education. I used an online translator and that’s the best I could do so please forgive me.



    You are forgiven of course, but is not. The statistics provided are SOOOO unsatisfactory. So if they’re based on Google Analytics code, then we should be able to chose ourselves what part of the stats we see. I want to see single visits, new visits, how long they stay, where they come from. NOT the links that they click on my homepage.



    What I do is use third part stats programs to derive more relevant information re: metrics. If you are interested in locating the ones that are non-javacript based programs that do run on blogs then click my ussrname. Weh you arrive on my blog click “Popular Posts” and scroll down to locate the relevant posts under “Visitor Tracking”.



    Thanku.. I have been wracking my brains with GA for days now. I am a newbie



    I am so glad I stumbled across this page! I thought it was just me being stupid that I couldn’t get Google Analytics and my WordPress blog to talk.

    As my blog is still quite new I think I might just shut it down and open one over at Blogger which seems to be much more user friendly for newbies like me.



    Staff have mentioned that our stats are no longer Google Analytics-based, FYI.

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