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    In wordpress support I read that Google Analytics is a free sevice, unfortunetely it isn’t to my I guess it is free only after upgrading site at least to premium?

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    Hello Karolina –

    Yes, that’s correct. Google Analytics is available with the Business Upgrade plan. The reason it is not available on the free plan is that it involves adding code to your site in order to provide that service.

    You can use the stats, which are free and provide robust information on your traffic on any blog:



    Question: Let’s say you already have a free wordpress site for awhile and you now want to add google analytics to your site. When google is added does it go back to the first day that you created your page and and give you it’s version of that data up until the present?

    Or does it just start from the day that it was added and only track everything from then on?



    Google Analytics only starts gathering data when the code is added to the site. So no, previous history would not be shown, only from the point where the code was added.

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