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Google Analytics on wordpress site

  1. Hi,

    When I give my link for Google Analytics, it requires to add a piece of code in wordpress. How do I do it?

  2. We can't use Google Analytics/ Urchin here at It's a javascript and those are removed from user input due to security concerns. We are also unable to modify the themes here to add code directly into them since we're on a shared environment.

    I politely point you to the search bar along the top of the forums page as it's been covered many times over. Many times. It's always recommended to search as chances are your question has been covered in the past.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Why the bloody hell does Google analytics ask for your phone number in order to have this service??

  4. Some lonely Google tech is trolling for phone numbers of hot bloggers maybe?

    I don't remember giving it when I signed up but I was an Urchin crossover.

  5. you know what's sad.... (and really bums me out because of the double standard)

    We can't add Google Analytics to our blogs, but WordPress has no problems adding it to their site, just view the source HTML code and look for this:

  6. @matthoury
    We are aware that wordpress uses google analytics on all of our blogs on this multi-user blogging platform. We are also aware that the requirement is that only one script can be run on any given blog. And if you check the forum search box you will find threads that address this subject. :)

  7. Matt, just for reference multiple postings on the same topic is frowned on most places on the net. We ask that you don't do it.

    The issue is with user inputted javascripts. The FAQ blog linked at teh top of the forums lists examples of what has occured when this is allowed as well as how spammy blogger and blogspot has become for allowing javascripts.

    Also note that Google only allows one instance of their Urchin script to run on a single site.

  8. thistimethisspace


    Also note that Google only allows one instance of their Urchin script to run on a single site.

    I thought you understood what our Moderator said but I guess I was wrong. I hope you'll understand raincoaster

  9. look at the time it was posted.

  10. thistimethisspace

    Do you understand now Matt?
    If you move to self hosting or to a web host you can download a free blog template from and you can have both google analytics and javascript on your blog. But that can't happen here on this wp MU multi-user blogging platform.

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