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Google Analytics on

  1. I know that does not support currently Google Analytics, this is why I want to know
    when (and if) will will support Google Analytics ?
    Blog url:

  2. I've flagged this thread for a Staff response.

  3. JavaScript is not allowed here for security reasons.

  4. I wasn't looking for a way to insert JavaScript into my website.
    I was looking for an option in the Tools menu (for example) where I enter my tracker code from google and wordpress to generates the javascript code and insert in to the site automatically.

  5. Are you not aware that the Gogle Analytics code is JavaScript?

  6. I think you need to read this so you understand the differences between free hosted blogs and installs.

  7. I know and I have read the differences between and, that is why I asked the question.

    About javascript, in the above link it is said about javascript the following :
    "Users are not allowed to post JavaScript on blogs." .

    I am not trying to post javascript code from wordpress (in form of a post, page, etc).

    This is why I suggested the option to enter the code and have wordpress generate automatically the javascript code, so I cannot modify it into something wrong.

  8. In the above post, by code I meant only the tracker id from google (e.g. UA-XXXXXXX-X).
    By javascript code I meant the whole javascript code from google.

  9. jonathonbalogh

    Hi popalx, while does not support Google Analytics directly you can get it working with a third-party option such as CloudFlare. This solution is a little technical and requires that you have your own domain but I've been using it with great success for many months now.

    I explain how to set up Google Analytics on with the CloudFlare service on my blog:

  10. Stand-alone installation might be an easier way to go...
    In my opinion there is no sense in hooking up domain and CF just to get Google Analytics.

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