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Google Analytics Please !!!

  1. mitaroygoahotel


    I am really missing Google Analytics here on so I thought I would start a thread and try and get some support from other users who think the same way.

    I am sure it is not that difficult to add a Google Analytics widget to

    While coming up with new paid Themes is great, stats is a vital area that hasn't done anything about for a long time now.

    Another option would be to include details such as time spent on average, time spent per blog post, geographic location of the readers etc.

    WordPress staff, are you listening ?

    P.S. If anyone agrees with me, please add your opinion to this post. Hopefully, will finally listen to our pleas...


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please search prior to posting

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

  3. mitaroygoahotel

    Hi Timethief

    I am fully aware that Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    That is why the title of my post is not "Can I use Google Analytics?" but "Google Analytics Please !!!!" And that is why I posted this in Ideas.

    I still cannot understand why cannot come up with a simple Google Analytics widget instead of the recent cosmetic changes it has been coming up with.

    What would be the best way to get more support for this topic and bring this once again to the attention of the decision makers ??


  4. Mihir, if you want your message to go straight to for consideration, you may use the contact form:
    Of course, there is no guarantee that they will ever support Google Analytics.

  5. mitaroygoahotel

    Hi Airodyssey

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    That is exactly why I was trying to get more people on board via the Forums who want it as well...

    Hope it works...


  6. Yes, I love the stats that WP provides, but an option for Google analytics to be incorporated would be Sweet!

  7. @mitaroyhotelgoa, getting more people on board has never been a problem. There are literally hundreds of these GA thread in the forums over the 4.5 years I've been here. It still isn't here.

  8. Without Google Analytics, Knollers are not likely to want to come here.

    I have to have Analytics, it's not an option. I can't believe Google foisted up off on WordPress!

  9. I think it is necessary that they implement GA.

  10. Necessary defined: being essential, indispensable, or requisite.

    Necessary for what? We are not allowed to initiate advertising on our free hosted blogs and Google Analytics metrics are designed with Google Adwords and Adsense in mind, so how could Google Analytics be considered to be a necessity? We have a stats program and we can run Non-JavaScript third party metrics as well.

  11. We need Google Analytics if we are to consider this a viable option. Add my vote

  12. I don't consider the option of running any ads on my blog that I don't have control over to be a "viable" option.

  13. Even I am missing the Google analytic s. I had old blog on wordpress there I was able to use the Google Analytic tool but not on my current blog. I even mailed Support but still haven't got any updates since last 72 hours. If someone has any info how to add Google Analitic's then please share the steps.

  14. @deepjeevani: If you were able to add Google Analytics to your old "WordPress" blog, maybe it's because it was a self-hosted WordPress blog (as opposed to a blog)?

  15. If Google Analytics are necessary to you, you need to be hosted elsewhere. No exceptions.

  16. TimeThief.... I hear what you are saying. My question is this: Why doesn't WP give the option to not include my hits when I'm logged in so I can get a true perspective of hits? I'm just a little guy trying to increase traffic....

  17. @twocfaith, you ask: " Why doesn't WP give the option to not include my hits when I'm logged in"?

    But I see from the stats support page that: "The following are not counted... Your own visits to your blog (for logged-in users of public blogs only)"

    Do you have reason to believe that your own logged-in visits to your own blog are being counted? Because the support page says that they are not. In other words, claims to behave in the way you want - except that it doesn't do so by giving an option, but by always behaving in that way.

  18. BTW, funny how little things change round here. I haven't been a this forum for a while, I come back and find petitions for Google Analytics, @timethief and other stalwarts providing great help, and the need to link to the difference between and .org.

  19. - Scroll down to "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" and you will see "Does Site Stats include my own visits to my blog?
    Only for private blogs. For users with private blogs, <b>your Site Stats page will show any visits that you have made to your own blog,</b> as well the visits of other users who have access to your blog."

  20. having trouble with the code... Does Site Stats include my own visits to my blog? Only for private blogs. For users with private blogs, <b>your Site Stats page will show any visits that you have made to your own blog, as well the visits of other users who have access to your blog."</b>

  21. Ah, I see. I didn't realize that you were asking about private blogs: both twocfaith and planabrand are visible to me. I don't see why either would be private, and I find the idea of a branding website being private a little strange (although I can see that some would consider it a good idea).

  22. Oh... is that what they mean by private? I'm a little slow. So, I am not being counted. Terminology really gets me sometimes. I out-think myself. Thank you for the clarification. Not sure why I'm such a tough nut to crack.

  23. @twocfaith
    If you had posted the link to the blog you were referring to when you first posted you would have received an answer very quickly. :) As your blog is linked to a public blog that was a distracting factor.

    See here for the Staff announcement on August 18, 2011 :

    - Private blogs, which can be viewed only by users chosen by the administrator, now track the page views of all of their users. Traditionally we have omitted the views attributed to a blog’s own users because stats were meant to reflect the activity of the general public. However, this meant that private blogs had no useful stats reports. This change will be especially useful for private blogs that have many users.

    Oh... is that what they mean by private?

    See here for the results of using the searchbox in support documentation > Settings » Privacy Settings

  24. I don't know why Google partnered up with WordPress for this transition, but I would suspect that it was because WordPress had the horsepower and the framework to be able to do it and do it quickly. You might be pissed losing GA, but at least Google thought enough to provide you with a place to go instead of just turning you out on the street. Many others on now deceased platforms have not been so lucky, and Google has been known to pull plugs leaving users of their services high-and-dry.

    I suspect there is probably a lot more to the "why we can't use GA here" than any of us know or have thought of.

    Knollers can certainly self-host wordpress installations on third-party hosting services such as dreamhost, dreamhost, etc., and then you can use GA. The beauty of moving first to is that your content is then in a WordPress format, so you can easily export it and import into a self-hosted site. All you would need is to get the Annotum theme and install it in the new self-hosted installation.

    Prior to transferring to self-hosted, you would want to verify with staff here to make certain that the "articles" would export and import as articles in the new self-hosted installation/annotum setup, but that would be easily verified, and I would think that staff would make sure that it was possible.

  25. mitaroygoahotel

    @timethief and others

    There are many reasons to have Google Analytics on a WordPress Blog, not just to to do with Adsense.

    For example, I would like to see the Visitors Flow on my blog which the new Google Analytics allows.

    If offered a decent alternative, that would be fine. But the Stats feature is really basic and amateur.

    I wish Matt and the guys at would actually read the forums and give us some features that we really need, instead of wasting time on New Premium Themes or stuff like Project 365 and Instant Feedback when you Publish.

    But its good to see that so many people have voiced their support for Google Analytics on

    Hopefully some day WordPress will sit up and listen...


  26. Please feel free to communicate with Staff about this when they return on January 2nd.

  27. mitaroygoahotel

    Thanks Timethief !

    Last time I was here on the forums, one active member like you flagged up a thread for staff to notice.

    Can you do the same here ? Or can you tell me how to do so ?


  28. Staff have had so many people requesting Google Analytics that flagging this for attention when Support is closed for a week is not going to help. Believe me, they're aware that people want this.

  29. mitaroygoahotel

    Oh ok. Thanks raincoaster!

    Then it is just wait and hope, I guess...

    P.S. Also, a BIG thank you for your advice in the past !

    Your advice to have a blog on since the SEO power of and the tags are much better than an invidividually hosted blog using software led me to keep hosting my blog free of charge on WordPress.

    So a bit thank you for that.

    But dont you miss not having Google Analytics on your blog ?? How do you compensate ?


  30. You're welcome.

    No, I don't miss Google Analytics. I have too many blogs to keep track of all that information, and I went through my stats obsessed phase years ago. I like the short stats we get, and the graph, although I am not sold on the bar graph; it makes it harder to see trends. And the Referrers needs to be MUCH improved. But I find I can live with it.


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