Google Analytics Please !!!

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    That would probably be a good idea for the duration. Except those free hosted blogs with Ads-Off upgrades, runs advertising on our blogs, and they are all quantified. I contacted quantcast and asked for my metrics minus the financial entries that were hidden data on my domains being free hosted here at to be quantified. Your blog is so new there is not data for it yet. Blogging Metrics: Getting Quantified


    My blog is new ?? Which blog do you mean ? is quite old…



    Sorry I assumed it was new because of this:

    We do not have enough information to provide a highly accurate traffic estimate. When Quantified, this report will provide detailed, accurate audience information.

    But alexa has more data:


    Yeah, I guess I have to register or something…I dont know either…

    True, thanks !



    You’re welcome and best wishes to you. I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot but I’ve been here for going on 6 years now and I’m not holding my breath waiting for Google Analytics.



    Re: macmanx on Jan 3, 2012, 1:19 PM


    It is not about features… it is about supporting the most popular API in the world for web stats, it is about aggregation of services and supporting the overall trend in web for the last 10 years… All our sites are measured by Google Analytics, all our third party solutions support it (from Tumblr, to Posterous, to SquareSpace, to Virb, to Behance, you name it) and all our Data Sentiment tools accept Google Analytics as input (not yours). It is about “playing well with others” and not being obnoxious about Data Portability… I cannot believe you are getting away with this in this day and age. You are the exception. The WRONG exception… I understand your execs think keeping the data hostage is a smart business proposition. They are betting wrong, as more and more of your users will become educated in basic net ettiquete.

    Thanks for passing my rant along to them.


    Thank you!

    Yes, and Im sorry for my outburst.

    But I remain optimistic that something will happen…even if the WordPress Stats improve, thats fine with me ;)


    Er…my last message was meant for you @timethief



    I choose to think we are new friends – no need to reply. Happy blogging! :)


    Cheers @timethief ;)))



    @mitaroyhotelgoa if you are able to change the dns you can use cloudflare to inject GA scripts into the site.



    Have you read this entry? is a hosted blog service. You do not have to download software, pay for hosting or manage a web server. does not permit FTP access or uploading themes or plugins. vs Differences



    @timethief I have, and obviously you didn’t read or merely skimmed the blog post.

    I didn’t realize it at first, but in doing so I no longer had the luxury of Google Analytics on the implementation, as WordPress doesn’t support this feature.

    You can set up you DNS to point to cloudflare, although it’s far more powerful you can view this functionality as a High Availability proxy. Cloudflare then accepts the connections for http and requests the requested page from This file is manipulated to inject the GA script into the site. There is NO need to perform any modifications on

    As it says in the blog:

    Since CloudFlare is optimizing and delivering your site’s content to your visitors, it inserts the Google Analytics JavaScript tracking code in the proper place as your site’s visitors pass through our network. Your site now benefits from both site analytics and Google Analytics.



    I wish they would allow Google Analytics too


    Yes, full GA stats would be great, but at minimum the ability to drop in the Adwords conversion code, so I can at least see which of my ads are resulting in conversions on my WordPress site.



    thanks @auxclass but could you tell me what needle in that haystack I’m looking for?



    I want to be able to use either Google Analytics or something else just like that, that keeps track on everything. I saw something just when I was passing by a website, it seemed like WordPress had an own form of keeping track of the number of visitors, but I don’t know where to find that.. My page shifts between swedish and english and it is rather frustrating when one scentence is in swedish and the other one is in english..

    So does anyone know where to find wordpress own counter? And I have had an blog earlier and then I could have GA, but now I cant..



    Google Analytics FTW. Come on wordpress, what the hell!



    btw, is there a way to move my wordpress posts to blogger? not doing it manually of course

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