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Google Analytics Wanted. Vote for it

  1. ivorypearlbridal

    Please add google analytics to

    Thanks for your consideration.

  2. I think adding Google Analytics would cool.

  3. it would be cool but when you look at what the more experienced users are saying. I would rather agree with them

    I vote no

  4. i would like google analytics, it gives me the kind of in-depth information about readership and market opportunities that i rely on as a benchmarking tool. please figure out how to add it. thanks

  5. Yes! We need analytics...!!!

  6. gloriousgreens

    PLEASE allow GA on our blogs.

  7. Yes to Google Analytics!

  8. @emilleejoyce (and others)

    For those who vote "no:" just because you do not wish to use google analytics does not mean we shouldn't have the option.


    For those who vote Yes, just because you want to use Google Analytics, it does not mean we should have the option.

    It cuts both ways guys, especially as demand for GA is tiny.

    This thing has been running for a month and, given the couple of million of WP bloggers, it's clear that they are not all flocking here demanding GA. Are they?

    If you want more stats data, as has been explained (see timethief's post on the subject, page 2), there are plenty of third-party non-Java stats apps that you can install on WP. You can have stats til they come out of your ears - you just can't have GA.

  9. Please make it possible for us to use Google Analytics on our WordPress blogs

  10. I vote yes for Analytics.

  11. Moderators kindly look in to this as this thread has received a huge amount of comments.

  12. If you wish you can contact Staff directly

  13. avigdorluttinger

    Please add Analytics.

  14. Do as timethief suggests and contact staff directly with your request. Not likely to happen, but if you want it, let them know.

  15. Thanks for the suggestions all!

    If you can contact us we'll be better able to register all these suggestions. That way we can keep track of them:

  16. Please add Analytics

  17. goofballcommittee

    I'll vote for it :)

  18. @marceloweiss
    Did you read the post from Staff immediately above yours?
    If so then you have the contact link for Staff.
    Please use it.

  19. Yes,Vote for analytic \o/

  20. Yes Google analytic please!!!!

  21. We're up to 2,000 hits a month (okay, not "viral" but decent), but we just started with a new promotional method and I expect it to rise. Now I need analytics to tell where people are coming from - this is important to our next step. Unless i can figure out how to do more than the STATS hit rate, I will have to go to another hosting program. I hate to, but WordPress has made it difficult to analyze. Why? Help WordPress Team!

  22. Now I need analytics to tell where people are coming from

    Did you know that tou can get this data from quantcast and from Alexa and by using non-javascript HTML programs that can be installed on blogs?

  23. Also note what Staff said here >

  24. I love google analytics. yes add to wordpress

  25. YES for Google Analytics! It's a must in todays internet world

  26. I think the stats that are built into wordpress already are enough to give me a good idea of whats going on. I initially looked at analytics , but i dont think its necessary now.

  27. I really need Google Analytics in order to show business associates proof of my traffic. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to add support for this on wordpress. Please consider it.

  28. Yes, I'm with everyone else. Please Please add Google Analytics!!

  29. Yes, please.
    I don't understand why it is not available.

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