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Google Analytics Wanted. Vote for it

  1. sacredpath ....thanks for your technical answer but I think we can have multiple GA accounts for one TLD.

    Anyway voters thanks again.
    TC everybody

  2. I vote yes as well!

  3. I'd love to be able to use Google Analytics in my Blogs!

  4. ~diamondpot
    GA is far superior to the WP 'stats' --it's a silly comparison. But
    since it's not allowed, I compensated years ago with independent
    stat counter; this year added link to use Google's Webmaster Tools.

    Between the two: I get all I need to know. Who cares, really
    which os -connection (???) lol, readers use, but what IS way valuable: Keywords
    Both tools give in-depth answers to:
    -WHAT is being read
    -How LONG it was read
    -How reader found my material. --All I need.

    Example: one day "WP stats" said only 9
    I could look it up --saw: not only did far more readers that day,
    but the "9" --ALL from Plano, Texas. --Huh? I have Texas fans???
    Nope: all nine --WP BOT, lol, way DIDN'T do any "reading."

    BTW: I've had Google Analytics on two of my non-WP sites since
    the begining of GA; it's gotten better --and worse, in various ways.
    Webmaster Tools are simpler, more useful --and allowed on WP.

    WP won't add any thing from a vote, so just add the WT link and find
    a free independent non-java counter to get good in-depth info --without
    asking anyone for 'permission'/help.

    Also: last week-end Google added VERY cool tool --stats on
    EACH blog/post --luv it. It has a few flaws, yet, but it's sooo good

  5. @timethief

    I appreciated your posts about other analytics tools with static code. I even tested for one month Click and SiteMeter. Excuse me for my honesty, but GA is by far the best tool, even better for sites which uses AdWords and AdSense. Have you ever tried GA?

    I don't know if WordPress has something against Google tools or Google folks. Can anyone explains what can make WordPress ignore so many requests? Any architectural restritions? I know that GA uses JS, but this is not a good excuse. WordPress would put a field where I just type my GA code, and, voilá, problem solved.

    I would pay for this kind of funcionality.

  6. It would be nice to have this helpful tool. It would make blogging better. Hopefully the community would improve too as a result of adding this wonderful tool.

  7. Hello Voters,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments specially poppy8sd and andresalvati. It seems Google loves WP but WP doesn't loves Google.

  8. Hi!!! pls pls pls what can we do to have google analytics in wordpress? WP stats are really bad!! :-(

  9. I need Google Analytics to learn Web Analytics! It's free, so if some people want it, why not?!

  10. I would like to have the ability to track traffic along with our other sites from one place so yes, allow us to add Analytics to our blog!

  11. Yes. Please. Google Analytics.

  12. This thread has been going since May, and there are others dating back four years. Don't hold your breath.

  13. link redacted by Slik

  14. @youngdc, link dropping in the technical support forums gets you reported to staff and possibly gets you banned from the forums.

  15. sorry I can't close the thread as I don't see the option.
    Anyway thanks to supporters

  16. I do not want Google analytics since I boycott Google. They seriously worry me with their tendency to collect data...

  17. I'm a "yes"...I want Google Analytics

  18. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool for Webmasters. I vote YES!

  19. I would like google analytics. It is useful, widespread, and I do not understand why it hasn't been included months ago.

  20. I have used Google Analytics with and the software for years on my own host, it would be a great feature to have on, or at least the opportunity to have the option regardless of our personal opinions with the software.

  21. I'm a Posterous user checking out WordPress. I am amazed that WordPress makes it so hard to use Analytics (there's a way to do it but it's complicated). WordPress gives you incredible control over details but often don't let you do what people obviously want, like change font size or add Analytics.

  22. No, google sucks. They're completely unresponsive to questions. Little guys like me don't matter to them.

  23. I would love to have GA for a more informed analysis of my WP blog.

  24. What pissed me off is how long I spent trying to paste code before I found out it was forbidden.

    This isn't as idiot proof as I'd like,

  25. Please create a google analytics widget.

  26. Add analytics!

  27. Google Analytics, please.

  28. I think WordPress can add a widget for google analytics because everyone want track the statistics of own blog.

  29. Yes! Add it please.

  30. PLEASE !!!!!! I really don't want to deal with hosting my own site when I can use what WordPress already offers.

    PLEASE !!!!!

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