Google Analytics Wanted. Vote for it

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    We’re up to 2,000 hits a month (okay, not “viral” but decent), but we just started with a new promotional method and I expect it to rise. Now I need analytics to tell where people are coming from – this is important to our next step. Unless i can figure out how to do more than the STATS hit rate, I will have to go to another hosting program. I hate to, but WordPress has made it difficult to analyze. Why? Help WordPress Team!



    Now I need analytics to tell where people are coming from

    Did you know that tou can get this data from quantcast and from Alexa and by using non-javascript HTML programs that can be installed on blogs?




    I love google analytics. yes add to wordpress



    YES for Google Analytics! It’s a must in todays internet world



    I think the stats that are built into wordpress already are enough to give me a good idea of whats going on. I initially looked at analytics , but i dont think its necessary now.


    I really need Google Analytics in order to show business associates proof of my traffic. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to add support for this on wordpress. Please consider it.



    Yes, I’m with everyone else. Please Please add Google Analytics!!



    Yes, please.
    I don’t understand why it is not available.



    this setting google analytic on wordpress
    I don’t understand

    my site

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    I don’t want google analytics. The current stats are great and easy to use



    Yes, please! I too would like to use google analytics in my blog.

    Thank you!


    In my opinion, It´s important to know where the readers come from, and Goog. Analytics could give us this info, or a new wordpress gadget.



    I would love to be able to use google analytics.
    In fact that’s one of few missing features that make me wanna switch to a different service.



    I’m using GA on other sites and I think the extra information provided is quite useful, I don’t think the extra traffic is a serious reason not to use it.

    As for implementation, I think that a simple widget, with a single string parameter (the ID), would be a portable solution that would not require changes, neither in the themes nor in the Dashboard pages.

    The second solution would be an extension in the admin pages, so that in the same way we can add the specific metadata required by Google/Yahoo/Bing search services, we could also define the Google Analytics ID, and the WordPress engine could generate the JavaScript code.

    Once the user can change only the ID string, I see no security concerns of including the Google Analytics scripts, there are anyway other embedded scripts and everything works just fine.




    timethief said:

    It’s a a restricted code we cannot use on blogs. > Moreover the code must be entered into the template underlying our themes, and we cannot access the files in our shared templates in this shared environment on this nultiuser blogging platform, let alone edit them. >

    well, yes and no.

    implementing Google Analytics in does not need adding free scripts to any blog, neither to edit the themes, it can be done portably either as a widget, or in the common WP code. (see my previous post).

    so technically there are no obstacles for adding Google Analytics to WP blogs, the decision might be political.

    if manpower is the problem, I volunteer to contribute code to do this.




    The current ‘stats’ tool is ok, but not adequate for all users.

    Many people need to know where their viewers come from so they can make language choices for promoting their blog, so yes, either the ‘stats’ function should be modified to capture this information (i.e., language of viewer or actual geographic location) or GA should be enabled as a widget as some have proposed here.



    I wanted Google Analytics too but because javascript is not allowed here,you will not be able to gain full accesd of Analytics.Instead,use Sitemeter for your blog.At least,just think that for what is WordPress Stats made for??

    My vote then also goes for “Yes”


    Blogger has google analytics, why doesn’t wordpress?!? haha

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