Google Analytics Wanted. Vote for it

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    because wordpress has it’s own Stats integrated and is there…….But analytics is still the best for us…


    i would really love it!!! thanks.



    Want it!!


    It would be great to have Google Analytics as an option – would give us an effective way to tie usage stats with our other sites already using it. If you have a standalone blog I think the WordPress stats are fine, but a simple tie-in to larger websites already relying on GA would help many of us.



    I like google analytics simply for the fact that I enjoy being able to see what areas of the world people are coming from, and how many of these people are returning vs. new. The lack of analytics capability is forcing me to seriously consider leaving WordPress and moving to Blogger.



    I would love to know where my readers come from. We really need to have the google analytics add on the site. Other blogs have it!! like Blogger.



    Would be great to have Google Analytics supported on WordPress. If not, perhaps a more comprehensive stats counter?


    Please, please, please! add google analytics to be supported on wordpress. Some of the data offer in GA is invaluable. It really helps to learn more about your target audience and the demographics of your viewers.



    Please! we want google Analytic- Or, offer someting better please!


    Google analytics…. yes please! You’ve got my vote.



    PLEASE allow Google Analytics! Here’s my vote!



    Thanks Voters….


    +1. Google Analytics would be a great addition.


    +1 Google analytics would be great



    Come on guys, you’ve got the smart guys, there has to be a way to let everyone use Google Analytics on WordPress blogs. It is a really good tool and very useful too!


    Here is the scoop on this in general. It doesn’t have to do with wordpress denying you your precious webmaster tools. It has to do with Google’s terms of use. They allow only one instance of WT per TLD (top level domain) site. WordPress.COM is a TLD site. Your blog is a subdomain of that TLD site, hence a part of that TLD site.

    Short answer: Until Google changes their TOS, it isn’t possible to have it here for each blog.


    I’m going to back off the above statement as a search seems to indicate that it is possible to have multiple accounts on one site. I remember hearing in the past that this was not the case. It does appear that it is complex.



    VOTE YES!!!!!!!!!!



    I would also love to have Google Aanlytics on wordpress blog!


    Vote for it !!!

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