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  1. Hi everyone,

    I signed up for a gmail e-mail using my domain ( WordPress said it was free but it wwas only so for 30 days. Now those 30 days have run out and I can't access the e-mail anymore.

    I don't really need all the apps that Google offers, I only want the e-mail with my domain since it looks more professional than

    Is there any way I can still have it for free?

    If not, is it really worth paying for? Or is there any other e-mail service for free?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can someone please give me advice on this? Thanks

  3. Hi timethief,

    Thanks for the link. It helps a little by giving me information regarding the different providers so I can chose better.


  4. The gmail custom domain name feature used to be free - but a few months ago they started charging for the custom domain name feature

    I looked at their service and found out my old host would do what I wanted for the same price as I would have had to pay gmail for the upgraded service package

  5. Hi auxclass,

    Thanks for your comment.

    So, did you stay with your previous host? If so, can you share the name?

    I am also now wondering if I would be able to create the same e-mail with another provider if I decide not to go ahead with Google...?

  6. yes I stayed with my old host a small local host company in Seattle

    Most hosts and registrars should offer an email service only for a custom domain name - I think that I saw that also on (a registrar & host) - Godaddy also does that but I don't like them for personal reasons - Network Solutions also seems to have an email only service and there are instructions here on how to add email to your blog

  7. Hi again auxclass,

    Thanks for the info. I will have a look at all the info you and timethief provided and make a decision.

  8. Thanks for this info after a long struggle i get my own email account, however how could integrate with checking mail in wp dash board is there any option?

  9. No, there never has been either as far as I'm aware.

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