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    I have a blog, that paid to have a domain name for, called It is a GoDaddy account. I have had Google Apps functioning since March, basically for the email (email redacted).

    What I want to do through Google Apps (because it’s an option) is change my Google Apps addresses from the long default URL to the short custom subdomain. Like instead of I want Google Apps says “To enable your custom URLs, you must create CNAME records with your domain host.”

    Last time I browsed around the support a few months ago, I was disappointed to here that WordPress did not allow this function for some reason. Is this still the case today, after the WordPress upgrade? If it’s not, and I can change the URL, how would I go about doing it exactly?

    Thank you for the support. I had to ask a question because all of the topics I looked up were either not answering my question for were from 2007.




    Nevermind. That’s not going to work because you have the namservers pointed here.

    I just don’t think there is any way to do it here. DNS control seems to be associated with the domain host.

    I wonder if you had the domain parked at GoDaddy, added subdomain that was pointed here, if you could then use the DNS control there to put the CNAME record in.



    vivian is right. In the WordPress FAQ on setting up Google Apps, it says that “Custom URLs are not supported.”

    See the FAQ here:


    Aww, I thought WordPress was going to reform that. It doesn’t makes sense that I paid for both WordPress hosting and a GoDadday domain name… yet I’m not allowed to have a custom URL. Where is my money going?

    Thanks for the replies.

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