Google Apps has changed verification – No longer WordPress Friendly?

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    A few days ago I moved one of my blogs to, mapped my domain here and (after some fiddling around!) managed to set up my email address with Google apps for my domain.

    I’ve just moved my second blog here as I love the format and tried to do the same but Google apps now only seems to offer verification through adding a meta tag, uploading an HTML file, using Google analytics or adding a DNS record. As the first three can’t be done here – I tried adding a DNS record but it no longer offers the CNAME option which generates the code to put in the edit DNS section here at WordPress.

    If anyone else can see whether or not this is the case, I’d be grateful

    I have tried both by adding a domain to my first account in Google Apps and also creating a whole new account.

    The blog I need help with is



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