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    google apps email setup

    I have a blog ( ) registered through (Automattic) that was recently switched over to a GoDaddy hosted installation. The email for is handled through Google Apps.

    The DNS records were pointed to GoDaddy nameservers through which in turn updated the MX records to 0 SMTP.SECURESERVER.NET. and 10 MAILSTORE1.SECURESERVER.NET.

    The MX records need to be changed back to Google’s but cannot seem to access them anywhere. “Add Email” is not working, and the Automattic DNS settings page cannot access the zone file.

    Please flag this for support as it seems like a relatively simple problem that could be easily addressed.

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    DNS records are actually set through wherever the domain’s nameservers are pointing.

    Since the nameservers are no longer directed here, setting DNS entries here won’t work.

    Your current hosting provider should have a DNS panel. If not, I recommend contacting them.



    The hosting provider (GoDaddy) does not have the DNS settings because the domain name was/is registered through the DNS was changed through the admin panel which redirected to an Automattic branded DNS settings page.

    The domain does not even appear in the panel at GoDaddy where the site is now hosted and I have already contacted their support team to confirm this.

    Any other ideas?



    Trouble is the Automattic settings panel only allows changes to the nameservers not the MX records or the Zone FIle



    MX records need to be changed on the domain’s receiving end, which is where the nameservers are pointing. We don’t have any control over the DNS if the nameservers aren’t pointed to us.

    I recommend contacting GoDaddy again.

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