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Google Apps Question

  1. I setup a blog today and then paid the fee to use my own domain name. I went through the process to use Google Apps for email and all of that worked well enough.

    Because the DNS is being controlled here how can I get the CNAME records for start, calendar, docs, etc...

    Can you enter them for me so that I can get the most form Google Apps? Is there some other way I should do this so that I can access all of the features of Google Apps using the domain name I purchased?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I looked around quite a bit and didn't find what I needed to know. Maybe I'm not asking the right question.


  2. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) in the forum search box threads (and I do believe that you can - see below) then you will have to contact staff

    google = CName

  3. sorry timethief, the links didn't answer the question. I agree that the forum search box should be useful but...

    I'll try the support link as this hasn't been useful so far. I was just hoping that someone could post that the question has already been answered instead of me bothering them.


  4. No problem Al I have no knowledge of google apps so, I did the best I could retrieving threads for you. Best wishes. :)

  5. The email thing is quite new, so I don't think anyone's asked since it went in. Let us know what staff tells you.

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  7. I'm not clear what is being asked. I followed the procedure recently to set up google apps email for my domain. It worked fine and the other features seem to work ok too. -confuzzles-

    Random note on this but I'm thrilled that the setup for email was so seamless (knock on wood..lest something go wrong now..hehehe). It's also nice that it was free!

  8. It's not actually "free" so much as it's included in the domain mapping price here just like it is at other web hosts.

  9. I have no complaint about how the email stuff worked. That is just plain magic. Using Google Apps you can do things like enable things like instead of

    This is a very cool feature if you wnat to use wordpress to represent the webpages but you want to use things like the calendar, docs, pop mail and such. the problem is that you have to have these pesky CNAME records to redirect the subdomains back to google so that you can access things easily.

    My thinking is that if they can do the magic of setting up the records for the MX then the CNAME records for these known conditions is simple compared.

    I think that most any one that would be signing up to use google apps would naturally want to use the other features too. I haven't been able to think of a reason not to do this as each of these features can be disabled in the dashboard of google apps if it isn't wanted.


  10. @lefaux
    I'm wondering if you understand that the software here is shared on this multi-user blogging platform for over 1 million blogs. It's quite different from the free standing self-hosted software downloaded from

    I'm also wondering if you know that those of us who have domains still have the same restrictions as the other bloggers hosted by

    I read the info at the links I posted and noted you cannot have a google calendar or google docs because iframes are a "no go" at due to security reasons.

    You also read that we cannot run google analytics because already runs them on our blogs and google only allows 1 urchin script to run on any blog.

  11. I note from the FAQ that: "Currently, the only Google Application you will be able to use with your domain is email." See:
    I think that this provides an explicit answer to lefaux's original question. (Is that correct?) I also think that the use of the word "Currently" raises a further question...

  12. weird..i'm having no problems using the other features. hmmm.

  13. weird, I think I know what you mean, but I don't think you're using the other features *with your domain* in the way that I think lefaux wants to use them.
    Andrew, perhaps thinking too much.

  14. the answer from support:

    As explained here:

    Custom CNAME records are not currently supported.

    While I do understand I am disappointed and will move to private hosting where I can do the same things and have control of my own dns.


  15. That's what I concluded from reading the information too. Bye now.

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